Writing 101- Day 8. Writing Challenge: No Adverbs Allowed

Today’s assignment. Go to a local café, park, or public place and report on what you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind. Today’s twist: write an adverb-free post

Man, this is going to be hard! I am not sure I can do this. So far I led myself to believe that I can write just about anything. As my mum used to say, if someone gave me a carrot, I’d write a story about it.

Hell yes. What is the problem with writing about a carrot, or about anything. Well… the problem today is that I am not allowed to use adverbs. The forbidden fruit syndrome. You don’t realise you want it… until you can’t have it.

There is one way to find out if I can do this: by… writing. “What a surprise”, I hear you saying, using sarcasm (nearly tripped over here by using an adverb!!). Well, it is for me. So far I planned all my posts in my head – funny enough, while doing the evening chores in the kitchen. Just like Agatha Christie, by the way. I must be as talented as her, right! So, after I had planned my essays, it took me just about half an hour to type them. Job done. Nice and easy. However… last night it took me about an hour and half…. the night before it took me an hour. What’s going on here?

Well… either the assignments are getting harder… or, I have to admit it, I am not as talented as Agatha Christie. Deep sigh. Bummer.

Hm, so far so good – managed with no adverbs. This time I will try to stick to the assignment instructions (which so far, I must say, I didn’t do up until now, as I found my own interpretations of each one of them). So, if you are not from 101, you may find this boring. Writing just for the sake of writing. Or… wait a minute! Noooo, this is called “stream of consciousness”. I have a perfect excuse to write all kind of rubbish now, as I can just say it falls under the category of stream of consciousness. And I don’t imply, by any means, that this particular school of thought is rubbish. On the contrary: I am quite a fan!

Well done, Angie. Tap on the back!

So, back to the topic. I did sit at a public place recently. Well, not today, but I did on Monday. I work at a university, which (stretching it a bit, I know) could (with a hint of scepticism) be called a public place. The café, though, is  of a public place, as it is located in the busiest square on campus. I sat there with a friend, just for half an hour. Had some time to kill, and he is the perfect company for that. Not sure what I enjoyed more – his brilliant sense of humour, or people-watching. Oh hi, haven’t seen you for ages, whatzup! Sorry, this was a former colleague from my previous job. So, where was I. Ah yes, having coffee. I was telling him all about my new blog, how much he is missing out on by not having read it yet. He will, he promised. Yeah, I know. That’s what everyone is saying. Who cares about my bloody blog, anyway. Apart from my fellow bloggers, maybe? I hear applause at the background. Bow. Thank you, thank you, what a great audience!

I don’t seem to stick to the point again, do I! But I am managing without adverbs. Oh, it looks like that woman has lost weight. Wow. I know it is rude, but just cannot help checking her bum after she passes by. Hm. It may be a good idea to start that diet – someone might want to check me out, then. For some nicer reason, rather than my height, that is, as I am used to people turning heads after me. Not because I am a stunning beauty. Simply because I am far taller than the normal female population of England, OK. Just so you know.

Right. I think I am managing this quite well, ain’t I. Now, give me a loud applause. Please. Clap your hands. Good! No point in continuing, is it. I cannot see this essay leading anywhere, so I should call it a day.

Oh, wait a minute! There was a point in writing it. I proved to myself that I can write just about anything, didn’t I!

So far. 🙂


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