Shopping for Tall Clothes Online: Can You Find Your Fit?

If you think it can’t be too difficult to buy clothes online, think again. Seriously! It is. My past experience with newly started tall clothing brands has been a bit of a fiasco.

Which is why during this summer’s sales I decided to be wise and stick to the ‘orthodox’ brands only: Long Tall Sally and Dorothy Perkins. I have been their customer for nearly fifteen years and can trust them to deliver in my size. But can they? We shall find out in today’s post. How easy was it to find my fit online?

If there is one brand I have always been loyal to, that must be Long Tall Sally. Until they shut down their shop in my town. This is when I got to appreciate the security of buying in-store: you can always find something to fit you (even if it is one item out of a pile of ten pieces). Is this the case when you buy online?

Here are my most recent findings from the UK tall clothing sales. Hand-picked, fresh off the world wide web.

Long Tall Sally’s Club Stripe Sweater:

At the time of publishing – available to buy here. Here it is on a model:


And how it looks on me:



As you can tell by the look on my face, I am not really that impressed. But, on the bright side of things: look at these sleeves! Wow, aren’t they long!


Remind you of anyone, by any chance? No? They do to me:


Yup. Harlequin. Sorry, couldn’t help it!

On the positive side, I have managed to find a nice looking casual sweater that is big enough for me. Still something. Fine for a day out with the kids, or for those bloated days we all have now and then. Which still doesn’t explain why ‘my’ size looks a bit too huge on me…

When buying a sweater, you don’t really mind the fit – at least I don’t. When you are looking for a jacket, though, it’s another story. Fit is crucial. This time I (sort of) got lucky.

Long Tall Sally’s Collarless Denim Jacket:


To the more inquisitive eye, it is obvious that this jacket is not the perfect fit for me. I tend to be somewhere between two sizes, though, which is why I find this the best compromise. The dilemma is: do you want it a too tight, or a bit too generous of a fit? Personal choice. I prefer the latter. Ticks my boxes. Happy purchase. Available to buy at the moment here. And good value, too.

On the shoe front, it can be hit and miss. I got these lovely shoes a couple of months ago – perfect, and excellent value on the sale.

Long Tall Sally’s Studded Lace Up Shoe:


Be warned: they do come up too small. My normal size did not fit me. Which put me about 5 quid behind, as I obviously had to pay postage. These shoes are still available to buy here. And, if you ignore the sizing issue, are otherwise gorgeous.

So, how does my second best favourite, Dorothy Perkins, compare sizing wise?

As you can see from my older posts, my recent purchases from this brand have been a success:

My new finding has, unfortunately, sold out, but I just can’t help sharing it. Simply because I find it absolutely and utterly gorgeous.

Dorothy Perkins’ Tall Nude Lace Jersey Knit


The knit is ultra fine, the top is slightly see-through, and the lace is not the cheap looking type, but rather luxurious looking. At the ridiculous price of just £8, this is easily the hit of my summer sales purchases.

As for the sizing problem, unfortunately, it seems to apply to any make. As DP have a free click and collect option, you can’t really go wrong by ordering more than you need (after all, delivery is free). Even buying simple black trousers can be a nightmare.

Tall Black Naples Trousers


I decided to be clever and ordered two sizes. One, I thought, was guaranteed to fit me. Nope. Both pairs went back. Which comes to prove my point. Can I find my perfect fit online? Unfortunately, my answer is a big fat No.

This is where the new tall clothing brands can come to play. Here is a niche on the market for you – the greatest challenge of all.

And, last thing – a message to my tall readers. If you have other findings different to mine, I would love to hear from you!






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