Large Women’s Shoes – New Discoveries

Not so long ago, I published a post about large shoes available to buy in the UK. It got an amazing response on Facebook – thank you to all my readers for this! Since then, my blog got a fair amount of new followers on Twitter. To my surprise, some of them turned out to be businesses producing large ladies’ shoes. One of them has even been in touch and we are likely to partner together early next year – how exciting!

Although these companies are not UK based, I thought I would share their details on my blog – for the benefit of those readers of mine who are from other parts of the world.

Here are my new findings for you:

Sensational Soles

This company is based in the US. What they manufacture is quality handmade footwear exclusively in ladies sizes 11-14 (which equates to roughly UK 9-11.5). US customers enjoy free shipping on orders of $150. International shipping is also available (flat rate of $39.95 for all orders).

Sole Searching

This is an Australian company catering for size 10-14 (UK 9-13). They dispatch same day. International delivery is $35 for rest of the world, and $18 for New Zealand.


Vertigo Shoes

Surprisingly, this company is also Australian. They specialise in size 10-13 low heels (UK 9-12). They swear by designing stylish and comfortable low heel shoes.

As and when, I will be updating this list. All readers are welcome to help with more information. 🙂

P.S. Photo – from Sole Searching’s website.


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