Tall Fashion Review – Comparing Jeans and Trousers From Three Big Brands

Today I am putting my tall fashion blogger hat on. It was time for me to buy new jeans: very frustrating experience, but also perfect opportunity to compare brands. And write a review — to help my tall readers in their search for the perfect jeans.

When talking tall jeans, I refer to 36″. This is where the pain comes from: shops in the UK (with very few exceptions) only stock sizes up to 34″. As already established (see my older post), it is ever so difficult to find your fit when purchasing clothes online. Which is why the majority of my shopping goes back (see evidence here).

Here is what I went for this time.

Dorothy Perkins:

Tall Indigo Bootcut Jeans

DP jeans

My frustration with Dorothy Perkins stems from one main factor: their sizing is not particularly consistent. Until a few years ago, I was confident that size 16 was perfect for me, and 18 — far too big. Not having changed my weight or shape, I now sometimes fit perfectly into a size 16, while other times 18 looks better on me. Funny enough, I recently bought black jeans in two sizes (see this post) and kept them both! So, what the hell do you do??

This kept in mind, I wanted to order both sizes again, but they only had 16 in stock. Here is how it looks on me:

Before accepting any compliments, I must say: they feel far too tight. Not as bad as to make them impossible to wear, but uncomfortable enough for me. Some girls like their jeans tight, so go for them! The fit is perfect, and the value is simply unbeatable: normal price £15, sale price only £12.

Long Tall Sally

I recently bought Lift and Shape Bootcut and London Bootcut jeans. After sending the first one back and keeping the second pair, I regret my decision. The lift and shape jeans did look bloody flattering on my bum. What I wasn’t comfortable with was the tightness around the knees. However, the pair I did keep stretched a lot, so if I had kept the lift and shape pair, it could have become more comfortable on my knees. Decisions, decisions! So, ignore the advice I gave about these jeans earlier (in this post) and go for them! They are still available — just not in my size anymore, typically.

And my recent discovery that I laid all my hopes on:


After establishing that their tall range is true to size, I was in for a bit of a disappointment. Being a firm size 18, I didn’t find any of these to fit me properly:

Tall Bianca Flare Jeans with Contrast Stitching:

ASOS Jeans

Had I had a body as perfect as the model’s, that would have been fine. Well, I don’t. I do fit into these jeans, but they feel uncomfortably tight. However, the length is amazing: I’d say they are a 38″ leg rather than 36″. Had I decided to keep them, I’d have to roll them up. On the positive side, they would be perfect for ladies wearing heels (I don’t). So here is what they look like on me:



Not really happy with the cut of the leg, and the sizing, so these are going back. As well as these trousers:

Paper Dolls Tall Tailored Trouser — far too tight, and not long enough at all. These are, to me, crop trousers. Not a 36″, definitely.

Glamorous Tall Plain Relaxed Jogger: true to size, I must admit, but they make my bum look enormous. I was kind of hoping it wasn’t.

Surprisingly, while waiting for all these purchases to arrive in the post, I found my perfect jeans: on Ebay! They are Long Tall Sally’s, perfect fit and length.

So, the awards go to:

Best budget jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Best shape and fit jeans: Long Tall Sally

Until the next time I need new jeans: the state of play may change by then!


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