What People Ask Google About All Things Tall, Or How SEO Brings People Onto My Tall Blog

Damn: this would have made a perfect April Fool post! Missed my chance. It is never too late to have some laugh, though.

It is time for me to admit it: my blog is, after all, a tall blog. Although that’s not all there is to it (which is what I keep banging on about), stats show that what bring me most traffic is anything related to the “tall” topic.

Today, I decided to amuse myself with the search terms that bring people onto my blog. I trust you will be amused, too. What did search engine users look for?

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Top search: tall actors

Apparently, being tall must be a good thing for an actor. Otherwise, would people Google this topic so often? Here is what my readers have typed into the search engines:

  • Tall actors; tallest actors; tallest Hollywood actors; top 10 tallest actors; Hollywood tallest actress; Hollywood actors height; actors height; tallest Hollywood actor (hmmm, I may Google this myself, to see what the answer to this is!); actors by height; tallest actors in Hollywood; tall actors in Hollywood; tallest actor; how tall are Hollywood stars; 6’5 actors; actors 6’5 (I can’t help but laugh now, sorry); top tallest actors; Hollywood starts heights; how tall Hollywood stars; top 10 tallest movie actors; actors height 6 4; Hollywood tallest actors; tallest actors 2014; tall celebrity actors; Hollywood high (not height!) chart; Hollywood height chart (this one, obviously, can spell); five tallest leading actors; actors size chart; Hollywood actress height; how tall are the men in Hollywood; who is the tallest actor in the wor; who is tallest Hollywood star; world tallest celebrity; high actEr; tallest actors in the world height; how tall Hollywood stars; tallest men in Hollywood; the tallest actress in the world; tallest actor in word; Hollywood actor height compare… and so on, and so on.

Simply amazing, just how may ways there are to ask the same thing — and how many people are interested in celebrities’ height! Which made them all land onto my blog. Thanks God for Google!

Here is when it gets a bit more interesting:

  • Actor tall
  • Hollywood
  • Really tall actors
  • Height of tall celebrEty local
  • Top Hollywood mAn height
  • Top 10 tall Hollywood
  • All Hollywood actors together
  • No tallest hero in Hollywood
  • Real height of Hollywood actors
  • 10 actors who are not tall (you’ve got to laugh here!)
  • Not tall actors

It turns out, height is sought after in rock musicians, too:

  • Hollywood rock original height
  • Tall vocalist
  • Tall Richie Sambora height; DC Cooper height; Russell Allen singer height
  • Tall singers; worlds top 10 heighted singers; tall men singers
  • Tallest metal vocalist; tall metal musicians; tallest rock stars; tall rock singer; top 10 tall metal musicians; who are the top 10 tallest male heavy metal or rock singers

Being tall search terms that crack me up:

  • Standing out from the crowd height
  • What happens if I saw a tall lady and a tall women
  • What height is good for singers
  • Tallshopacholic
  • Tall blonde heavy metal singer
  • Tall cultures
  • Blog tall smalnes
  • Tall people questions blog
  • Prettybigfeet
  • Taakertv tall blog

And, after all this, I am relieved to see some very relevant searches:

  • Tall blog; tallblog; tall bloggers; tall; tall women blog
  • Tall fashion blog; tall womens fashion blog; tall woman fashion blog; UK tall fashion blog; being tall blog; being tall women blog UK
  • Extra tall tights; extra tall hosiery
  • Large women email
  • Tall girl big feet; shoes for big feet UK
  • Shooting tall models
  • Cost of clothing during winter UK
  • Where to buy dress for tall thin daughter
  • Tall women maternity clothing UK

And, the cherry on top search, although not height related:

Top 10 ugliest mAn in heavy metal.







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