Tall Bloggers on WordPress: The Junoesque

Being a blogger on WordPress is great. Finding another tall blogger here is (rare and) exciting. Today, I am presenting to my readers The Junoesque: a meeting place for all the  Junoesque ladies in the world. Don’t know the meaning of the word? I didn’t either. Apparently, this is an adjective for a woman imposingly tall and shapely.


Elayna has been writing her blog for a while now (since December 2011, to be more precise). She concentrates on tall fashion much more than I do and is part of the larger community of tall bloggers. Here is how they have fun:


Elayna also writes about fashion, cosmetics,fitness, and enjoys interviewing tall clothing brands.

One of the most popular posts on her blog is “The Tall Girl Experience in Gifs”: everyone will find it hilarious!

She will shortly be presenting my blog to her readers, too. Perhaps this will start a series of “Tall Bloggers Unite” category, so watch this space.


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