My Blog is One Year Old

My blog is one year old today! Time to look back and assess what I did well – and what didn’t work so well.


The connections I made with other bloggers (WordPress and external) are what I consider my biggest assets.

Thanks so much to:

And here is when it gets exciting – the geographical map of my readers. My readers come from pretty much all over the world: how inspiring!


The top countries where my blog is being read:


And, not so much for my readers but for my own records, here is

What I achieved during the first year on my blog:
  • Just over 22,000 hits
  • 628 followers (606 through WordPress and 22 by e-mail)
  • 600 followers on Twitter
  • 303 followers on Facebook
My most popular posts

Surprisingly or not, those are the most commercial ones (rolling my eyes!):

So, as much as I think of my blog as not only a tall blog, this is what makes it popular – as proven by my stats: recently analysed here.

So, what did I do well?

Reach out to tall people and make them interested in my blog.

What I need to do better?

Engage with more people who are not that tall, as this is not just another tall blog!

So, here is to a happy first birthday!



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