When Do You Watch Movies?

I’ve never been a film addict, but I do love a good movie. It used to be a hobby of mine to keep on top of what was new in this industry… Until I started noticing that the programmes recorded on our TV box (obviously must sees!) were taking more and more space, to the point when there was virtually none left. I also realised that the titles of most new releases didn’t sound familiar to me (at all!). Huh, just when exactly did this happen?

First reaction was to feel ashamed. “You haven’t heard of ‘The Imitation Game’? Really??” Or didn’t quite remember the title of the new “Avengers”, let alone whether I’d actually seen the first one in the first place. Cartoon avengers? Huh, there is a cartoon, too??

Yes, it was time to admit it: I no longer watch movies. Or TV, for that matter. OK, let’s say I do, but… every few months (maybe). What the hell happened to me?

I think I know the answer.

No idea where I found this photo from. Credit must belong to Google!

Is this what being a parent did to me? I wouldn’t think so: my son is nearly ten, and I only started losing the movie plot over the past year or so. Am I too tired of juggling work and family commitments? Mmm, probably not more than a few years back .

So, what is new? Why do I no longer watch movies?

The answer is clear and simple: reading and writing. When I was younger, I used to read a lot, until the reality of being a full-time working mum got to me. As this is who I really am, I eventually reunited with my reading self. And I write (obviously). These two activities by themselves can be a full-time job…

So, there is my explanation. Am I happy with it? Does it excuse my movie ignorance? Would it save me a few embarrassed blushes next time someone mentions the latest blockbuster I’ve never heard of?

I think so. We all make our choices in life and decide what is important to us. What gives us the feeling of fulfillment, or peace and relaxation. I can’t say that books or writing this blog relax me better than films, or that I no longer enjoy movies. There is just not enough hours in an evening after your kids have gone to bed. Do you ever wonder: what should I do with myself? I don’t. My first idea is (secretly) to crash in bed. Watch a movie? That is, part of it, as it will be my savoured bedtime halfway through it, and I may never ever finish it. Or shall I just read a couple of chapters? I think so.

This is my choice. And, in the meantime, there is a way for me to watch an entire movie without stopping it to go to bed: in cinema. That’s where no one interrupts and the film gets my full attention.

Ugh, wait a minute. My son reminds me: “Mum, you fell asleep in the cinema that one time, remember?”

Yes, I do. It wasn’t actually just once – but he doesn’t know that!

Now, please tell me I am not the only one choosing books and blogging over a good movie. Or am I??


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