Welcome to my website! Whether you landed here by clicking on a link, or by chance… you are here, so may as well find out what this site is about.

Why My Blog IS a Tall Blog

  • My site does come up in the “tall blogs” search results on Google, so it must be a tall blog.
  • Before that, though, first and foremost, I am tall. For the record, I am 6’4″. Pretty much a giant for a female. So, naturally, this is who I am: a tall blogger.
  • I do write about all things tall, as, not surprisingly, this is something I take close interest in.
  • I actively follow these topics on other blogs and Facebook, and really enjoy engaging with other tall people through various social media. These contacts also gives me inspiration and material for future posts.
  • My “all things tall” posts enjoy popularity. This is the category on my blog that draws most hits from search engines and boosts my stats. Just have a quick glance at the search items that make people land on my blog – you’d be amazed.
  • I am proud to say that I am now on the radar of some tall fashion brands – whose fashion reviews I have done previously, or am planning to do in the near future. My tall fashion section is gradually expanding, as my network of partnerships grows.
  • I have established successful (and hopefully long-term) collaboration with other tall bloggers, which I, as well as they (I understand 🙂 ) enjoy a lot. Check out the guest posts section for my partnerships to date.
And that’s me, Angie K, pleased to meet you!

Why This Is NOT Just a Tall Blog


  • There are so many tall blogs already that focus solely (or mostly) on all things tall. I think it is pointless (and impossible) to even try and compete. There is room for all of us on the World Wide Web, but I don’t want to restrict myself to this topic only.
  • I am (frankly) sick and tired of people who don’t find anything else to talk to me about. Don’t get me wrong: I am more than happy to talk about my height, but beyond the first few conversations, I get bored of answering questions about it. Somehow makes me feel uncomfortable. And, believe me, there are people who only talk about this – which is why I end up hitting the “unfriend” button. Sorry.
  • Every person has got their own interests. Mine are fashion (the tall niche on that market, obviously), rock music, parenting, expat issues. And more. I do try to look at them from a tall perspective (as and when possible), so the tall theme does glue together many of my posts. But not all of them. Just because I don’t like to fit into a box!
  • I enjoy my “other” posts as much as the “tall” ones. I love pretending to be a journalist by interviewing my guests (from rock musicians, to fashion professionals and writers). I enjoy reviewing new bands who reach out to me, and hope that I help them grow bigger. I also love ranting about my parenting frustrations and connecting with like-minded people over issues common for everyone, regardless of their height.
  • Most of my friends are short. Which doesn’t make them inferior to me. I love them to bits and would like them to enjoy my posts and find something there to relate to.
  • I’d like to think that my blog is different. Perhaps I should have put this reason on the very top of this post:

I hope that Not Another Tall Blog is a blog with a difference.

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