Word Pressers, You Still Following My Blog?

Hello to my WordPress followers! Just a very quick check: who is still reading my posts?? I know they have mostly taken the “tall theme” path recently, so most of you would have inevitably lost interest. And, still, some of you are with me – THANK YOU! 🙂 Can you please give me a quick “like” to show you still follow my blog, or at least acknowledge the incoming e-mails with my posts?

I do miss my “old” WordPress.com days and fancy writing an “old type” post, so am wondering if anyone will actually read it! Which is, I guess, the risk of taking the self-hosted route: losing touch with the lovely WordPress community.

Now, let’s hit “Publish” and see how many of you will react. Not that I am counting, but I will certainly keep my breath held for a while!



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