Tall Men, What Do You Want From Your Clothes?

Today’s article is different to my “normal” fashion posts.

Let’s start a discussion!
Tall men, what do you want?

There is a new brand out there trying to find out how to give you what you need! What do you want? How can a company whose pure focus is tall and fit men build a brand for you? What do you expect from your clothes? What are you after but struggle to get hold of? Perhaps it is not as simple as finding legs and sleeves long enough? Or maybe it is as simple as that?

I recently got in touch with William Mahoney, a new company specialising in fashion for tall men. They are keen on meeting your needs and want to offer much more than shirts and t-shirts proportioned well for longer bodies. They have the ambition to become a leading brand – the men’s equivalent of Long Tall Sally maybe? Why not!


William Mahoney have started off with high end shirts, but are willing to expand their collection to all types of clothing for the tall man.  They have got investors on board and are prepared to work with the tall audience, eager to meet their needs.

So, what are your needs, tall men? What do you need from your clothes?

Some suggestions from a tall woman’s perspective:

  • Nice, well proportioned jackets and coats – not to simply fit you but make you look good, and feel good
  • Long trouser legs (obvious)
  • Trousers to cater for all sort of fits (slim, regular, relaxed, etc.) and proportioned correctly for the tall figure
  • Rise of trousers and curves of legs appropriate for a taller body
  • Long sleeves (pretty obvious, too)
  • Shirts to be fitted in the right places
  • Shirts to be available for different body types: some men do have broad shoulders or a smaller bum, whilst others don’t

This list can definitely be continued, which is what I would love my readers to do.

Or perhaps you need expert help if deciding what it is exactly that you want? Like measuring yourself properly, for instance?

So, do add a comment to the bottom of this post… Please? Let’s try to make a difference!




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