A friend of mine told me that blog names should be positive – rather than start with a ‘No’. Still, I don’t like fitting into boxes, so this is NOT just a tall blog!

I am an expat, a busy tall mum of two who loves good books and movies, heavy rock music, progressive metal and… surprise surprise – writing! I write about everything I find interesting, and if there is a ‘tall connection’ to it, even better!

My main topics are structured into categories, which is pretty much all I write about. I hope everyone will find something to their taste here!

  • All things tall

Tall people’s problems, tall talents, tall fashion, you name it. As long as it fits into the box called “tall”, I’d be interested in writing about it.

  • Do you like fashion?

You may find something here to interest you! Being a tall woman of 6’4”, I focus on this particular niche of the market: tall women’s fashion. You can track my clothing and shoes purchases in the seasonal tall fashion review.

I am also working with tall fashion and tall apparel brands who will be presenting their work on the blog.

I strongly campaign for body confidence. We should all embrace our body image, including our height, and be tolerant to others.

  • Do you like rock music?

I write about that, too! My passion is heavy rock, heavy metal and progressive metal. On this site you will find interviews, album reviews and concert reviews, as well as some random posts about my favourite bands and musicians. There is a special place for a musician who is very special to my heart: DC Cooper.

  • Are you interested in parenting?

Read my views on what is hot for me at particular times in my life, as a working mum of two young kids.

  • My ‘random’ posts?

They are not always that random. Those are articles I simply cannot fit into a box, so make sure you check them out, too. 🙂

Although it’s not very original to quote others’ work to express yourself, this is what I also want to display in my profile!

Today I’ve seen the shallow face I wear

Inside this shell, a living hell endures
I’m held captive by my fear, decaying hope and wasted years
The knife of time carves another line around these eyes

Good and evil – lust primeval
Dragging me into a sea of lies

Losing faith in who I am
Never changing just rearranging my life again
Through into an eternal abyss I fall,
Silent screams through paper, walls,
I pray someday the sun will shine on me again

Symphony X – Sea of Lies

Want to get in touch?

Email me on: info@notanothertallblog.com