Tall UK Fashion: How I Refreshed My Winter Wardrobe Without the Price Tag

With the arrival of the new autumn/winter season, I guess I am not the only one tempted to refresh my wardrobe in line with the new trends. So it happened that my 2014 winter will be purple. Funny enough, I got myself the shoes first, and built the outfit around it. Like in that old saying from my home country: I got myself buttons, now I’ll find a coat to match them!

For my regular tall readers it will come as no surprise that I chose Dorothy Perkins again. I just love their new collection, and with the attractive discounts around London Fashion Week my wardrobe was updated in colour coordinated items in plum:

Tall plum duffle coat


I wasn’t exactly sure what I was buying at the time of placing the order, as the photos on the website don’t really give you a feel of what the product is actually like. It turned out to be a really good quality coat. The fabric is rather thick, so the coat will be perfect for colder weather. It has a lush velvety feel, and the fur on the hood feels really luxurious. Although it fastens with a zip rather than buttons, this doesn’t give it a jacket look. It is a proper elegant coat. The leather look trimming along the zip and at the pocket opening gives it an interesting detail. And, not to forget, the sleeve length is just perfect for my 6’4″ height!


Tall mulberry lace yoke tunic

Nice tunic/jumper with a feminine lacey detail. The sleeve length is not too generous, so I am slightly concerned whether it may shrink in the wash, but other than that I found it very flattering to my figure. Makes a change from oversized tunics and sweaters!


Tall black bootcut jeans

As usual, I decided to be clever and ordered two sizes (at the special price of Β£12, free delivery and free returns you can’t go wrong!). To my own dismay, I liked both sizes. This is the smaller size, which seems to have a somewhat slimming effect. The larger size still looks surprisingly perfect, and caters for those bloated days – double bonus!


The shoes are the cherry on top – I’d go as far as declaring them the find of the season for me! This is a pair of Hush Puppies – brand that guarantees that it will deliver both quality and comfort. They usually come with a considerable price tag (which you don’t mind paying, as the durability of this established brand is imminent). This is why I was astonished to find them in my local TK Maxx at the price of… Β£35! Wow. All I could do was grab them before anyone else did! Made of real leather and suede, very nice.

I’ve also managed to find a pair of matching Hush Puppies flat shoes on Amazon – really comfortable:



So, winter wardrobe sorted for a fraction of the cost of designer outfits. Mind you, competitors’ coats of similar quality sell for over Β£100, so it’s reassuring to know I’ve bagged myself a bargain!


  1. I really like these clothes ! One day, when I have managed (again !) to shuck off all these kilos I’m carrying, this is the kind of gear I’ll be going for.
    Looks GREAT !

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  2. Oooh, so pretty! Love the coat, and I much prefer zips to buttons on coats; they’re more wind-resistant. And as for the sweater/tunic – wash in cold and hang or lay flat to dry, and it shouldn’t shrink at all. I can’t remember the last time I dried anything other than socks, undies, sheets, or towels in the dryer. Everything washable gets hung up.

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  3. first of, DP is looooooove πŸ˜› My wardrobe is like 50% from DP πŸ™‚ then the BOOTS πŸ™‚ love ‘ em. πŸ™‚ and you are one tall lady! πŸ™‚

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  4. Thanks for your tips on updating our wardrobe for this winter. The clothes you chose are beautiful. You are working them. I purchased a pair of shoes online and they came the other day. I tried them on and the fit but I’m apprehensive about wearing then out in case they become painful. Do you have any suggestions how I can get over that problem? Thanks for following my blog. I will be following you for more great tips.

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    • Thanks for reading my post so carefully and for your comment, glad to see you found it helpful. πŸ™‚ What I tend to do is wear them first at times when I know I won’t be in them for long, i.e. a shopping trip, a walk, etc. If I have new work shoes, I usually take another pair with me in case I need to change them. Worst thing you want is blisters, so I do my best to avoid them. πŸ™‚


    • Wow, thanks so much! I have several posts planned about tall fashion, as I am teaming up with an established US tall blog, and a new UK tall clothing company will be teaming up with me when their new collection is out. πŸ™‚


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