DC Cooper’s ‘Fine Line of Sacrifice” Now on YouTube

DC Cooper‘s fan family is excited! The song I blogged about last week is now officially available to the public. Although this is pure progressive metal, it will probably appeal to classic and hard rock fans, as well as anyone who listens to any kind of quality rock music.

Do check it out and, if you like what you’ve heard, subscribe to DC’s YouTube channel:

I am also itching to share something that I am personally excited about. DC published a post on his Facebook timeline this morning – to thank his team… and gives me a mention as one of his support team. Very proud moment for me – as a blogger and as a huge fan.


I have also been given admin rights on his Facebook fan page – yet another token of appreciation, this time coming from fellow fans.

All this said, it will be no surprise to say that this blog will keep you updated on any news on this awesome musician.


  1. There is something in there for every one. The man knows what he doing. The guitar is very slick and powerful. Just the way I like. I could see myself listening to him on a long car ride. I say that good car music is hard to find.

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    • His new work will be out in the spring, but over the past few years he has been with Royal Hunt. His first solo project was in 1999, you can find lots of all this on YouTube. Enjoy your vacation!


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