I Am Tall. Does This Make Me Different?

First things first. Let’s define “different”.

  1. Not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
  2. Distinct; separate.


Yes, I Am Different. Because:

  • Strictly speaking, we are all different, and unique. No two persons are the same. Perhaps I should re-phrase the question: does being tall make me more different?
  • Strangers stare at me – which is not necessarily a good thing. It would be fine if I did something on purpose to attract attention (bold clothing/makeup, revealing outfit, short skirt, green hair). If I haven’t asked for this attention, though, and only get it because of the height I was born with, it is unwelcome. To say the least!
  • People feel it is OK to talk to me even though they don’t know me – which is normally not that acceptable. Some examples of opening lines: “Wow, you are tall!”; “Just how tall are you?” Etc., etc. I will write a post about this one day, as there is plenty of material: funny, annoying, outrageous, and serious.
  • Same story online. Is it acceptable for someone I don’t know to message me with a question about my height/shoe size/weight? Excuse me?? Which one of my measurements has anything to do with you?? And how exactly am I obliged to respond to you? Would you message someone who is overweight to ask them exactly how much they weigh?
  • I cannot find clothes or shoes to fit me. Not in the “normal” shops, anyway. I have to search for specialist retailers, which is a huge challenge. Admittedly, there is growing choice online, but it is pretty much impossible to shop for clothes online. Why? For some good reasons, click to read my older post.
  • Apparently, the world around me comes in a different size to mine, as I have to bend down – a lot (think tables/desks, door frames, kitchen worktops, sinks, toilets, etc). Or squeeze into smaller seats (think airplanes, cars, cinemas, buses, and the likes).
  • There aren’t many people of my size. Not in my surroundings, anyway.

No, I Am Not DIfferent. Because:

  • I am a human being – just like you. Like everyone else. My body functions in just exactly the same way as yours.
  • I have the same body hang ups as everyone else. People may think I have beautiful long legs, but the way I look at it is: I am bow-legged, with cellulite and varicose veins. Same as you, I obsess about my bum and tum – regardless of what they say about tall being beautiful.
  • I am a person with my own interests, likes and dislikes – just like every single one of you.
  • There are many people of my size – and even taller. Just not in my surroundings. The world is a a huge place.

Let’s Recap

It appears to me that the difference is strictly physical. Just like weight, body shape, skin colour, and race. Separating people on the basis of one of these features can be treated as discrimination.

So, how is treating me (or any other tall person) as different not discriminatory?

Simply because we are T-A-L-L!

P.S. Definition of “discrimination”:

Discrimination is treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discrimination) 

Doesn’t this remind you of something? Like being “different”??


  1. Hmmm…Growing up I always wanted to be tall or very tall like a model. Sounds as if there are “considerations” attached to height. Is it so different than short or very short? People’s view and comments on both are invasive & disrespectful. Christine

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  2. An excellent post, and some very valid points raised! I am average in nearly every respect, but am big busted which has brought curiosity and invalid assumptions about what my moral character is since I was about 14. Therefore, I can relate on some level here. Sadly, there are tall fetishists just like there are boob fetishists and foot fetishists, and these are to be avoided and blocked at every opportunity. My daughter once posted a picture of her new shoes online, and someone wrote to request she send him some socks. Dirty socks. Go figure…. *WEIRDO!!!*
    Frankly, tall is beautiful. Petite is beautiful. Big bums and thighs? Yep. Beautiful. We worry so much about physical characteristics mostly out of our control sometimes we neglect to remember that what is inside is what TRULY COUNTS. Would I like a smaller bust size? Sure. But then, at least they are healthy. Counting blessings…
    Thank you for raising this issue of what is “NORMAL”. Hopefully, it will make people think before they go and ask rude questions and invade your privacy.
    Cheers, my dear! Keep walking tall… we love you this way! Mother Hen

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  3. What really got under my skin was when choosing my wedding dress everyone wanted to charge me 10% more for the extra material. I asked if short girls get a discount? Of course not! That us height discrimination at its best!

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  4. I was once told that there was a program on the tv about my people later that day?? When I looked at the person like they had two heads they told me – it was a program about tall people. I was also asked by a complete stranger about the size of my bed – and how did I fit into it??? Saying that I wouldn’t change a thing. My dad has a great saying about things people would say that you don’t like – mind over matter – I never mind because in my live they don’t matter!

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  5. Nice post. I’ll do my best not to ask question about your height regardless of the fact that just reading your post COMPELS me to ask. Obviously your difference is like all differences both a curse and a blessing. You can reach things shorter folks can’t but, yes, you get the stares, questions and comments. From a statistical standpoint, physically, you are an out-lier to the norm just like the “little people” are on the other side of the spectrum. Yes, we ALL are different but some of are more so than others. I empathize with your position. I, too, am very different but my difference is not visibly apparent. Still, it sets us apart and can be somewhat disturbing. Here’s an odd statement: You are different, yes, but I like you just by the way you write. How’s that? Cool post!

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    • Hey, it is good to read a comment from some who is not tall, but can appreciate my position. And yes, if you must ask, my height is 6’4″. 😉 Thanks for reading and liking!

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      • Dang! That IS tall! I am not that tall but tall enough to appreciate your perspective. I’m above average in height, have difficulty finding pants long enough, shoes wide enough and all that. I’m an odd duck, too, Kiddo. I think very differently from the average person and they have a really, REALLY hard time understanding me. Ever watch that series titled “Scorpion?” I tend to be much like those people.

        My brain is always in over-drive, which is why I have a difficult time getting back to doing posts on my blog; too many interests and ideas. I’m trying to learn to focus it all down more.

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  6. Next time you get an annoying question from a “short fry” just kick them in the groin. People and there damn manners anymore is appalling. By the way “how’s the weather up there”, just kidding!


  7. Good post. People too often focus on irrelevant features like height when they should be looking at inner qualities like character. Those of us affected by that have valid complaint. Thanks for voicing this point.

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