Why I Do Not Respond to Messages from Strangers! Warning: 18+ Content

It is no one’s secret that I receive a high volume of unsolicited messages – on all social media I am on (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; even the odd one on LinkedIn). So far, I was making a joke of that (see, for instance, my post “How Not To Chat Up a Tall Girl”).

Not anymore. This is why:

I can live with unsolicited messages, but not with this. This is no longer funny.

For once, I decided to respond to a message coming from a stranger – because he was being nice by wishing me a Happy New Year. I was not prepared for what came next.

This taught me a lesson: not to respond to strangers. For this reason, if you are one of the genuinely nice guys out there who has messaged me recently, do not expect a reply from me.

This is the man this message came from:

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I am sharing this for a number of reasons, and here are a few:

  • To shout out that joking about rape is not OK!
  • To show this sex god that his offer is not of any interest to me.
  • To prevent others from making similar suggestions to me. I am not interested, OK!
  • To apologise to others I may have considered responding to that I will not – for obvious reasons.
  • To warn other women of the risks they may possibly take when responding to random guys.

If you read this, please, please, share it.

Share the hell out of this, to help stop invincible men like this one!

Thank you.


  1. Sorry about that Angie. Unfortunately social media are full of this kind of people. You are an adult and clever woman, but try to think what can happen with young teenagers who are not aware of the danger they are getting through.

    Anyway let me wich you Happy New Year!


  2. He is a jerk and a loser. But if he sends out 100 e-mails and gets one response from a depressed lonely screwed up woman, who has no self-respect, he scores. E-mails are fast and cheap, so this is his media. He is just another fraud using e-mail and the net. In Louisiana, there was a 67 year old man, who had passed himself off as a Nigerian Prince via e-mail, to cheat people out of their money. He was arrested last week. He is scam just as the foreign e-mail single women dating scams. I don’t know what it is to date as a female on-line, but it sucked when I as a male was doing it. It is a bad part of the world we live in.


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it. I know that in my case this is harmless, as this person doesn’t personally know me and is at the other end of the world, but as you said, another woman could be distraught upon receipt of such a vile text.


  3. Wow! Angie, I am sorry that you had to go through a distasteful situation like that. It is things like this that I encouraged my brother to prevent my little nephew from going on social media. It can be a very toxic environment; a place that is not suited for young children. You provided a prime example of that, and Angie, I thank you for sharing it. Have a good day.


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