I Am Tall. Does This Make Me Different?

First things first. Let’s define “different”.

  1. Not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
  2. Distinct; separate.


Yes, I Am Different. Because:

  • Strictly speaking, we are all different, and unique. No two persons are the same. Perhaps I should re-phrase the question: does being tall make me more different?
  • Strangers stare at me – which is not necessarily a good thing. It would be fine if I did something on purpose to attract attention (bold clothing/makeup, revealing outfit, short skirt, green hair). If I haven’t asked for this attention, though, and only get it because of the height I was born with, it is unwelcome. To say the least!
  • People feel it is OK to talk to me even though they don’t know me – which is normally not that acceptable. Some examples of opening lines: “Wow, you are tall!”; “Just how tall are you?” Etc., etc. I will write a post about this one day, as there is plenty of material: funny, annoying, outrageous, and serious.
  • Same story online. Is it acceptable for someone I don’t know to message me with a question about my height/shoe size/weight? Excuse me?? Which one of my measurements has anything to do with you?? And how exactly am I obliged to respond to you? Would you message someone who is overweight to ask them exactly how much they weigh?
  • I cannot find clothes or shoes to fit me. Not in the “normal” shops, anyway. I have to search for specialist retailers, which is a huge challenge. Admittedly, there is growing choice online, but it is pretty much impossible to shop for clothes online. Why? For some good reasons, click to read my older post.
  • Apparently, the world around me comes in a different size to mine, as I have to bend down – a lot (think tables/desks, door frames, kitchen worktops, sinks, toilets, etc). Or squeeze into smaller seats (think airplanes, cars, cinemas, buses, and the likes).
  • There aren’t many people of my size. Not in my surroundings, anyway.

No, I Am Not DIfferent. Because:

  • I am a human being – just like you. Like everyone else. My body functions in just exactly the same way as yours.
  • I have the same body hang ups as everyone else. People may think I have beautiful long legs, but the way I look at it is: I am bow-legged, with cellulite and varicose veins. Same as you, I obsess about my bum and tum – regardless of what they say about tall being beautiful.
  • I am a person with my own interests, likes and dislikes – just like every single one of you.
  • There are many people of my size – and even taller. Just not in my surroundings. The world is a a huge place.

Let’s Recap

It appears to me that the difference is strictly physical. Just like weight, body shape, skin colour, and race. Separating people on the basis of one of these features can be treated as discrimination.

So, how is treating me (or any other tall person) as different not discriminatory?

Simply because we are T-A-L-L!

P.S. Definition of “discrimination”:

Discrimination is treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discrimination) 

Doesn’t this remind you of something? Like being “different”??


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