Does Being Tall Define Who You Are

To make a statement that appearance defines personality would be far too simplistic. After all, if that were true, all tall people would be the same, right? As well as short people. And yet… I cannot help but think that being tall does actually shape some features of your character… Here is why.

  • From an early age you get used to being called all sort of names (‘Giraffe’ and ‘Hose’ being just a couple of them), as well as being asked all kind of, honestly, stupid questions (‘What is the weather up there?’, ‘What did your parents feed you?’…). Whether you like it or not, you eventually get used to being subject of ridicule… and learn to take no notice of it. Or, shall we say, you develop a thick skin – which is not necessarily a bad thing! Becoming less sensitive to people’s comments about your appearance makes you more likely to have no trouble deflating criticism as an adult. Advantage? Tick!
  • As a consequence of this, you could develop either high (or normal) level of self-esteem (plus), or low self-esteem (definitely a minus). Which path you go down depends mostly on how you have been brought up, rather than your choice. If your parents have been telling you that ‘tall is beautiful and you should be proud of it’, well, you may well end up becoming a successful super model… or a basketball star. And, the opposite, you could become a nerd who lives in your own world, as you do not feel you deserve nice treatment… simply because you are taller than the rest. Advantage? Hmmm… Depends which path you choose.
  • If you are a woman, this could cripple your relationships with men. You tend not to notice the nice guys, even if they tick all your boxes, simply because they do not tick the first one: being tall. Result? Starting random relationships just because he is ever so tall! Advantage? Nope.
  • You become more creative. You learn to cope with a life designed for people who are shorter. So you adapt your domestic environment, appliances, clothing style, virtually anything around you to suit your height. If you can sew and make clothes, you can make a fortune out of these skills – an indisputable niche on the market. Or if you are clever enough to design products aimed at tall people, this could be a successful business on a large scale. Advantage? Definitely!

It looks like being tall can reflect the way you are, mostly in a positive way. Which opens a new topic for discussion: what are the advantages of being tall? This is what we will talk about next time. Until then: enjoy who you are! And maybe discuss my post? Would be interesting to start a discussion here!


  1. I tell.people “I’m tall so.i don’t have to work on a personality”, if they’re talking about it too much… it’s defined me to a point- I’ve always stood out like a sore thumb (glasses, big teeth and clumsy), so I just went with it, it’s helped me to be resilient, particularly as when I was older there were many questioning my actually being female.. . Imagine that!


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