Writing 101 – Day 20. My Most Valued Possessions

For our final assignment, tell the tale of your most-prized possession. If you’re up for a twist, go long — experiment with longform and push yourself to write more than usual.

There used to be a famous Bulgarian stand-up comedian whose story about the cucumber I remember since I was at school, and I find it is really appropriate here. There was that boy who couldn’t be bothered to do his work at school. When revising for his exams, all he revised about was… the cucumber. Funny enough, he managed to pass all his exams: not just biology, but also maths, literature, geography, etc. By simply avoiding the main question and diverting it towards… the cucumber.

So, I happen to have my own cucumber, too. The things I am really passionate about. Those of you who have read some of my posts may have picked these up already: literature (books, writing, anything) and music (rock, heavy metal, and the likes). I have written a fair deal about them already, and would it come to you as a surprise if I said that my most valuable possessions are related to them… I bet no!

So, my dilemma today is whether to I bore you to death by telling the same stories again, but if another voice or style… Or shall I try to recap? As this is our last assignment, perhaps the second option would be best – as a good excuse to introduce you to my blog which I started just before joining Writing 101. Who knows, you may learn something interesting from me, or may get to share the same passion… Worth a try.

My probably most valuable possession is… a post card. From my favourite writer’s widow. Together with his complete works – a present from her which she gave me at one of our meetings (too) many years ago. Something that was impossible to find in the shops at the time. Something I have always cherished – and will.

Now you can find anything on the Internet, all his books, novels, poems, you name it. But this set of books is special. It was the first time ever when his complete collection was published. This was his widow’s life mission, which just got accomplished at the time I met her. Hot off the press – what could be more valuable than this! And, to make it even more special, it was personalised to me. Autographed by her, with a little picture of a cat, the cute pet they had while he was still alive.

I have no idea what happened to her. Whether she is still alive, even… But she will always be in my heart, just as her talented husband.

I wrote about him in my Day 2 Assignment. Do read it, if you haven’t done so already. And, if you are into intelligent books, heavily based on history and culture, you may like his work.

My other passion, rock music, features heavily on my blog, and probably will do for the foreseeable future. In my ‘Rock Music’ category you will find a series of stories about the Little Girl. This is where my real passion is. And, these are the stories I am most proud of so far. Not taking into account Writing 101, that is, as this is a completely different ball game.

Just to warn you: so far I have mostly written about one band, and one singer. My most favourite ones. My inspiration to write again (something I elaborated on in my Day 19 assignment). Royal Hunt and DC Cooper.

So, no prizes for guessing what my other most valuable possession is. My collection of CD’s signed by them (plus a t-shirt, autographed by them). Oh, and what is even more special… an envelope. The promotional t-shirt I ordered from the singer’s website arrived in an envelope entirely handwritten by him. A huge autograph, as personalised as you could ever imagine. My address and his address, all written by him. How can you not cherish such a treasure?? As well as a handsome glossy photo with ‘Thanks Angelina’ written across. Drool…!

These are little things that I will always keep. Regardless of how many new bands I will discover, how many more concerts I go to, or what else I may like in the future. This band is closest to my heart and will always remain special to me.

How boring, hey! Sorry… Told you! This is my cucumber.

Or, if you are not that bored, if I have managed to raise some kind of curiosity, why don’t you read some of my posts? For instance, the second story from these series. Who knows, you may be able to explain my passion (or, shall I admit it, obsession, rather). If you do, please do let me know!


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