Asos Tall Summer Dresses. Fashion Review – Summer 2015

With the rather unexpected heatwave in the UK, perhaps I am not the only one who suddenly felt the need to brighten up the wardrobe with a couple of new dresses. Even more so upon discovering a sad fact: most of my summer clothes are a bit too tight this year (oh no!!). So, the timing couldn’t have been better for that e-mail alert from ASOS: their summer sale is on! They deliver ultra fast, too: which means the summer won’t end by the time you receive your order!

After browsing through their rather extensive tall range, here are my picks.

ASOS Tall Bright Peonie Plunge Pencil Dress


I honestly didn’t expect this dress to look any good on me: too bright and bold for my (ehem) expanding figure. I think my initial judgement was wrong, though, as I totally love this piece. It is made of jersey, which never ever looks good on me, but somehow this time it does. The cut is perfect for a tall figure and makes me feel gorgeous. A weird combination of elegance and comfort, it hugs the figure nicely without revealing my flaws. The top part is reinforced (as it is on the second dress), so the design is well thought through. I didn’t want a short dress either, so the length is just right for me. 10 out of 10.

ASOS Tall Lace Panel Bow Belted Midi Dress


My first reaction to this was: “Oh my god, this is far too nice for me! Where am I going to wear it??” Exactly like the character of the book I am reading at the moment (“I Don’t Know How She Does It”) when she splashes out on an expensive dress: “I just about have the figure for it: I just don’t have the life. But isn’t that part of the thrill? Buying a dress and hoping life to go with it will follow soon.”

I just haven’t got the heart to let it go, and at the bargain price of £15, there is no way I am sending this back. It is made, again, of jersey, but rather thick, so the dress is not too suitable for the scorching heat. I would wear it on a cool summer day or evening. The only thing not quite to my liking is the opening at the back. Why? Well, here is why – nothing like the look on the model on their website, is it:



But, well, all I need is a shawl or a light cardigan to disguise my imperfect look. I can live with that.

Oh, I did choose yet another dress from the sale –  I must say, rather nice:

ASOS Tall Pencil Dress With Peplum Hem

Needless to say, that's not me, right!
Needless to say, that’s not me, right!

I found that my size was a tad too small (which is why I reluctantly sent it back), but also, let’s face it, for curves like mine white or cream are not the most complimentary colours: yet another reason confirming my decision to let this piece go. If you are brave enough to emphasise your lady curves, though, do not hesitate. It is a lovely dress from a good quality jersey. The length is pretty much true to the one shown on the photo, so a bit too short for me. But, as you know, I am not the best for body confidence. 🙂

With some more damage done than anticipated, I actually feel good about myself (greedy cow, I know!). We all need to shine in the summer, so why not look feminine. I don’t do too often, anyway.




  1. The dresses looks impressive specially the Bright Peonie Plunge pencil dress, plus a beautiful 6’4 lady, it can’t get more perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there, ASOS are really good, as they are fashionable and their range is good, plus value is ok. Whereabouts are you based? are good too.


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