Interview with Parallel Minds

A little while ago, I discovered another new band through Twitter: Parallel Minds.


They kindly asked me to review their album, “Headlong Disaster”, so I obliged with great pleasure: their music turned out to be exactly up my street. This is why I decided to be the nosy bitch that I am and ask them some questions. They happily agreed to give me an interview, so here are the new talented guests on my blog today: Parallel Minds – presented by their singer Steph!


First things first: are any of you tall? I need to link you to my main blog theme, after all!

First time ever I have to answer this! Well done for being original! I am tall: around 190 cm. Greg and Franky are quite… short 🙂 But you know the good size is when the feet touch the ground, so I think it doesn’t affect them that much, and let them be great musicians.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages of being tall in the rock business?
About advantage, I don’t really know. I think you can easily gain in-stage presence with being massive, but look at Dio or Klaus Meine, they don’t need that to be great showmen! And on the other hand, backstage are often very small… But, you can drink more beer being tall before getting sick most of the time so… I don’t know 🙂
You have been working together for two years. Where do you hope to see yourselves in another two year’s times?

With another album for sure. We already have 4-5 tracks demoed and tonnes of ideas. Everything is composed in duo, with Greg (guitars), so the music is quite focused thanks to our “parallel minds” and at the same time benefits in new ideas and critical feedback. What we have now is very heavy material, but it doesn’t sound like a “headlong disaster” outtake. In adidtion, we’d like to have some cool live shows opportunities, of course!

How big do you dream? What do you want to achieve?
Well, my dreams are moderate, to be honest 🙂 I mean, we’re lucid about the situation. I’ve been in a band for 10 years between 1998 and 2008, so I know pretty well the music business. It’s quite shitty and it’s getting worse.
I’ve done a lot of concerts, and some cool fests, playing along with Angra, Rage or Primal Fear. Franky is the only pro in the band, and he lives from his music in Dagoba. He really deserves it because he worked very hard for this. The consequence is that he’s terribly busy with them, so it’s very hard for him to find time for us.
Greg also plays in Coexistence, the “prog” side of his talent, and he knows how hard it is to organize and rise up among thousands of other bands.
Right now our aim is to gain in popularity, with an album we strongly believe in, and once the buzz is done, be able to be part of decent live shows or small fests.
Imagine you make it into the “big business”. What would you sacrifice to be famous? And is there anything you wouldn’t sacrifice at all?

Well, once again, Franky sacrificed a lot, and it worked for him. I guess Greg would sacrifice a lot too. I’m the old wise guy here, so for me it’s a bit different. I’m ready to spend a lot of time and to do many efforts to make the band grow up, but without talking of sacrifices. I have a son now, and I know metal will never pay my bills. Maybe I could have done it ten years ago, but it’s too late now. So I’ll push the band as far as I’ll be able to, but without getting my son’s future in danger.

What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

It sounds so cliché, but for now it’s “Headlong Disaster” I’m very proud of what I’ve done in Falkirk ten years ago, but when an album comes out, it reflects the actual state of mind of his creator(s).

From my point of view, this album has everything, from thrash to ballad, through epic piece. All these elements are present in my all time favourite albums, like “Master of Puppets”, “Imaginations From the Other Side” or “Divine Wings of Tragedy”. This richness makes great albums for me. I love tonnes of albums, but as far as I love them, most of them will lack this “depth”, to really become classics for me.

So if you ask me in two years, I’ll probably answer you: “our new album” once again!

A question I like to ask my guests: if there was one famous person you could have a beer with, who would that be?

I’ve had a chance to have a beer with some of my favorite musicians in a small Parisian club, where bands played in the middle of the night, so you had to wait the first subway on the morning after. So I’ve paid a beer to Kai Hansen, John Mc Alauso among others. But I don’t have this cult of personality that much really… I love their work, but for me they are ordinary people like anyone else. Among musicians, I’d like to have a moment with Jon Oliva or maybe with Jeff Waters. They seem very cool dudes with a lot of memories to share !

Any chance you might visit the UK? For a gig? Or… for a beer??

We hope so! First we have to build a small fan base and seem a bit “bankable” to promoters’ eyes  😉 And then we’ll try to come and make you headbanging like hell! Cheers!

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