Little Things That Impact Your Outfit in Big Ways

Not everyone is fashion expert. Sometimes when getting dressed, we all get a little discouraged and don’t know exactly what’s missing from an outfit, but we know something’s not right.

Maybe it’s the fact that your clothing of choice doesn’t flatter your figure in the best way, or maybe it’s just a very plain ensemble that bores you when you look at your mirror reflection. But before you throw your hands up in frustration, you should consider some of the simple ways I found whenever you’re wanting to fix or spice up an outfit.

Many of these tricks are so easy that you’ll probably feel silly for not remembering to try them yourself. But that’s why I’m here—to share what I’ve learned! Everything can be just a little bit easier when we come together and share our experiences along the way, and fashion is not exempt from this.

So, here are some valuable things I’ve learned…

tall jeans womanwithin

Don’t be afraid to tailor

For tall women, sometimes we have to buy a size up in order to get the appropriate lengths, especially for coats and pants. Although the larger sizes are discouraging, don’t give up and drown in extra fabric. Spend a little extra money on tailoring for the pieces you know you will be wearing a lot. It’s important to invest a little in staples—like a perfect pair of jeans—because the amount of times you’ll wear them will definitely add value. Also, you’ll feel a lot better when your clothing actually fits you and hits you in all the right places!

Try plus-size stores

Even if you’re not on the thick side, plus-size stores often carry a multitude of special-sized clothing. On WomanWithin, you’ll notice in their pants section that there are many “tall” options. If you are forced to size up, choose a spandex style to get a slimmer fit. It can help to check out specialty stores of all kinds if you’re in a rut for finding tall-friendly fashion. You never know until you look (or ask!), after all.

Belt it

When in doubt, belt it! I cannot express this enough. There are a lot of times I felt like a dress was not doing anything for me, but when I decided to get creative and put a skinny belt around my waist, it instantly pulled my look together. Harper’s Bazaar has a great breakdown on belting your outfits and the benefits it can have on just about any ensemble. Sometimes a belt is the only accessory you need to completely transform a look.

Bring out the big guns: Statement jewellery

Although sometimes all you might need is a belt, there are other times when you will need some more accessory reinforcement. Perhaps for a special occasion or to bring personality to a monochromatic look, you should turn to statement jewellery to do the talking for you. As seen on Glamour, a necklace can be a great way to spice up a normal jeans-and-tee look without going overboard.

Guest post by Catharine Hathorn


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