Tall Men, What Do You Want From Your Clothes?

Today’s article is different to my “normal” fashion posts.

Let’s start a discussion!
Tall men, what do you want?

There is a new brand out there trying to find out how to give you what you need! What do you want? How can a company whose pure focus is tall and fit men build a brand for you? What do you expect from your clothes? What are you after but struggle to get hold of? Perhaps it is not as simple as finding legs and sleeves long enough? Or maybe it is as simple as that?

I recently got in touch with William Mahoney, a new company specialising in fashion for tall men. They are keen on meeting your needs and want to offer much more than shirts and t-shirts proportioned well for longer bodies. They have the ambition to become a leading brand – the men’s equivalent of Long Tall Sally maybe? Why not!


William Mahoney have started off with high end shirts, but are willing to expand their collection to all types of clothing for the tall man.  They have got investors on board and are prepared to work with the tall audience, eager to meet their needs.

So, what are your needs, tall men? What do you need from your clothes?

Some suggestions from a tall woman’s perspective:

  • Nice, well proportioned jackets and coats – not to simply fit you but make you look good, and feel good
  • Long trouser legs (obvious)
  • Trousers to cater for all sort of fits (slim, regular, relaxed, etc.) and proportioned correctly for the tall figure
  • Rise of trousers and curves of legs appropriate for a taller body
  • Long sleeves (pretty obvious, too)
  • Shirts to be fitted in the right places
  • Shirts to be available for different body types: some men do have broad shoulders or a smaller bum, whilst others don’t

This list can definitely be continued, which is what I would love my readers to do.

Or perhaps you need expert help if deciding what it is exactly that you want? Like measuring yourself properly, for instance?

So, do add a comment to the bottom of this post… Please? Let’s try to make a difference!




  1. Hard wearing, enough crotch space…(not joking they make legs longer, waists bigger but don’t allow for hip to crotch distance), style for smart clothes, trendiness for casual stuff… Good quality Fabrics and styling. Oh and mustn’t shrink… Are you hearing that designers… Fabrics shrink!!


      • I believe no one in the design world has truly come from the Taller world so they don’t understand our struggles. I launched this brand to focus on creating a new metrics for measuring amd fitting the taller frames. We are developing pants now with all of Noels thoughts in mind already


  2. A lot of clothes are either for tall, slim guys are short, less slim chaps. I’m tall and big around the middle, so it’s a challenge finding something which fits my needs.

    High and Mighty are a good source, by very expensive. Cotton Traders have the right sizes, but not the fashion.


  3. A lovely shop assistant once took the time to measure me and exposed how many top brands stopped their sleeves at 88cm, even as girth continued.

    Having someone measure me and finding something more than collar size on the label changed how I shop. I’m an average build, just tall. If regular slim fit clothes continued proportionally up through sizes and labels expressed this, I’d be confident buying off the shelf or ordering online


  4. T-shirts that aren’t tents in disguise. XXL in length, but not necessarily XXL wide. My biggest gripe is the use of the word ‘fashion’. Too often the retailer who ‘specialises’ in tall clothing seems to have no idea what fashion or style is. You end up with countless chinos in 50 shades of brown, striped polo tops and uninspiring t-shirts abound. I’m lucky, I’m only 6ft 7, and 18st, so can still shop in selected high street shops, and maintain a degree of style. I pity the really tall people out there.


  5. Comments from a Facebook tall group called “Tall Clubs International”.

    Michael Millerman: Length and a good fit. I find that even XLT shirts are a bit short on me (6’8). And shirts that have the right length would be a great fit if I were about five or six times wider than I am! Also: variety/style.

    Mark Lou: he ability for extra tall options. For example, I need a sleeve length of 40″. Variety/style. Maybe an option to create an Amazon wish list type of feature to allow family members to buy me something on holidays.

    Mary Micinski Ward: We need slimmer fit for all the tall slender young men! My son wears a medium size and he’s 6’9″. More color options would be great. Also, an affordable price would be nice too!

    Tom Wiley: At 6’5″ I have to have a 38″ sleeve length with an 18 1/2″ neck at least for a decent fit, but in a 48 – 50″ chest size. I’m not nearly as big as I used to be, but still not that small. Off the shelf just doesn’t fit. Why should we pay 3x more for clothes just because we’re taller or bigger than the average man. We can’t help it that we’re given the gift of being able to look over most people. Especially the ignorant one’s.

    Shawn Kiefer: I’m 6’9″ I hate it, I’ve lost like 90 pounds in the past 6 months, and now that I go from a 3xlt to a 2 or regular xlt, everything is too short for me. Then again, I rarely ever find clothes that really fit me just right.. These manufactures need to take note that the tall population needs love too. I need 39-40″ length

    Morgan Feldon: To not cost 3x the price of clothing 2″ shorter.

    Damon Lamont Vance: Longer Sleeves 39″ Longer Inseam 40″. Nice Comfortable XLT FIT

    Evan Carter: I’d like them to know that “Tall” doesn’t always mean “Big” and that tall people deserve good quality clothing.


  6. Hey, love what you are doing to help us tall guys out. Just wanted to let you and others know that you can go to https://www.tallslimtees.com and checkout TallSlim Tees for plain t-shirts designed specifically for the tall and slim. This is my company and I can tell you from the response (and number of orders) that there is a huge demand for this. What I would like to see are more options on the business-casual type of clothing. We’ve got t-shirts covered pretty well. But nice slacks or any simple trousers are hard to find in the straight leg style we need. Dress shirts are also hard to get without going custom. I would love to see a focus on these so that when I need to dress up I don’t dread it like I do now since the only clothes I have that fit are casual tees. Thanks!


  7. A couple of more Facebook comments.

    Bob Pairan: I’m 6’5″ my son’s are 6’10 and 7’2″ all of us wish for longer shirts. Currently I get shirts at Destination XL formerly Causal Male. But would like an extra 4 inches on the bottom my sons

    Brad Olin: I constantly look for variety in button down cotton shirts and find I return 80% of what I ordered, 2XLT is apparently not any kind of a standard thing… some actual fit, some to short in torso, some to wide in torso, and every possible combination of wrong… I guess what I’m saying is… please give dimensions like neck, sleeve, chest, and torso length.


  8. Angie. Quite simply High and Mighty Big and Tall etc. They don’t focus on the height. If you say 6ft5 and are 48 inch chest above. You are their perfect shopper

    Must play rugby etc. If this manufacturer wants to help taller slim fit men. The clues are there. Slim fitting shirts correct sleeve lengths. Not having to buy 3 XL or 2 XL just so the shirt jacket fits on your arms. I was a XL but I have to resort to the former sizes just to wear something.

    Tm Lewis ‘ s have sleeve length to 37.5 but only in plain office colours.

    If Mahoney wants to help then as all the posts have said us men would like fitted clothing but not at extortionate pricing. Why should I pay over £75 a shirt just for 1 more inch of fabric. Even if it was a designer label. I wouldn’t pay that much.


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