Tall Men CAN Actually Find What They Want in a Big and Tall Shop

My followers and subscribers know: tall fashion is one of my blog’s passions. More recently I started focusing on another dimension of this market niche: fashion for tall men. Surprisingly to me, there is a fair number of clothing companies who actually do cater for tall men’s needs. That’s why this section on my site is slowly expanding – hoping to be helpful to the tall part of the male population who stop by on my blog.

The advice I got so far from brands I interviewed was, inevitably: “Don’t go to Big and Tall shops!”

This time, I found a website proving that tall men can find what they want in a Big and Tall shop.

They are Big Clothing 4U and do stock a genuine tall section.

Their leg length goes up to 38″, while shirt sizes start from XLT (extra large tall) and go up to 8XLT. If you are tall and have a large figure, it might be worth checking this website out.

My model is 6’5″ and wears a Gingham check shirt, size 3XL – https://www.bigclothing4u.co.uk/super-d555-gingham-check-long-sleeve-button-down-shirt-t11757-et-4026


Today, my interview is with Ben Pearson who doesn’t just sell clothes on his website, but is happy to provide any advice that his customers might need.

Hello Ben, and thank you for contacting me. My blog is being read by tall people and some of them might be interested in the advice you have for them. What would be the first words of advice you would give to a man who is tall and doesn’t fit into the “slim” category?

We have found this to be a very common problem! We had a customer who is a basketball coach come and see us, and he is 6” 11’ and has a 50” waist! He rang and was telling me he couldn’t find jeans that would fit anywhere, so he has been wearing jogging bottoms for years. I asked him to take a few basic measurements and within minutes we had the correct jeans waiting for him to try on. The jeans are a perfect fit and since then he recommended us to his friends, whom we have also helped. Basically what we found is that generic size guides just don’t work, so we measure all our garments before creating a size guide on the website.

Also, you can’t just add more length to a standard garment to make it fit a tall person, the garment has to be specifically designed to fit.

Length that fits perfectly! My model is 6’5″ and wears a Gingham check shirt, size 3XL – https://www.bigclothing4u.co.uk/super-d555-gingham-check-long-sleeve-button-down-shirt-t11757-et-4026

We sell extra-long length T-Shirts in sizes up to 104 cm long and 8XL! We have a good selection of trousers up to 38” leg, including jeans, chinos and suits for the taller man. One of the common questions I get asked is: I have a long body shape but I am only 6” 3’, will your clothes be too long? Some yes, but we sell shirts from a brand called “Espionage” and they make some of their shirts extra long. If you have problems with clothing, I am sure we can help! If we don’t have what you are looking for, I am sure we can order it in. We also stock the odd part of 40” leg cargo trousers and are working on expanding our range soon. Spring/summer is on its way, so we have a new collection coming soon!

As far as I can see from your website, you do not manufacture clothes yourselves, but, instead, sources tall clothing and large footwear from high street brands. Does this mean that you save your tall customers the leg work and time, so they don’t need to check a number of websites to find the appropriate length and size clothing?

Yes, indeed, that is correct, we don’t manufacture tall clothing, but we are working on getting some clothing made to measure. As mentioned above, we sell extra-long length T-shirts up to 8XL! Within days of putting them on the website we sold out! So we are working on getting other garments in the same size but different styles, i.e. polo shirts, casual shirts etc.! We have a number of suppliers who have put many years of work in making sure the garments fit the taller man. Some are specialist big and tall clothing suppliers and others are high street brands!

My model’s back is 6’7″ length. He wears a Gingham check shirt, size 3XL – https://www.bigclothing4u.co.uk/super-d555-gingham-check-long-sleeve-button-down-shirt-t11757-et-4026

How do you source your tall clothing? I am not asking you to give out your secrets, but to give an idea to my tall readers: perhaps this will help them decide whether they would put their trust in you?

We only use reputable suppliers in the UK and generally order about six months in advance to make sure we are getting the products that we need for our customers!

Admittedly, you tall collection has still a lot to be desired in terms of variety and range. This is totally to be expected, as tall men’s fashion is a recognised niche on the market. Are you planning to expand the range, and if yes, how will go about doing so?

This is a bit of “chicken and egg”, as we need the demand to be able to justify expanding our range, but, on the other hand, we need the range for people to find what they are looking for. Because we all like different styles. Basically at the moment our tall collection makes up about 10% of our overall stock. We are looking to increase this to 30% within the next month or two.

Are you open to stocking items from companies not currently featuring on your website? For instance, my partner (who is 6’5″) swears by M&S’s tall range (only available online) and Mountain Warehouse.

We are aware of the manufacture for M&S tall range and have been working on getting some garments made for our tall customers, so watch is space!

Is there anything you would like to say to my readers?

A common question is: what happens if I buy something and it doesn’t fit? We have free returns on all orders and free delivery over £99, so if the garment didn’t fit, I would not cost you a penny!

If you are interested, follow the brand on Facebook. I do already!

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    • Oh I have some more news, on the music front! I have been approved as a contributor/reviewer for a n online rock magazine (writing for free), soooo excited! And thanks for stopping by again! Xxx


  1. If only tall stores in America would stock and sell size XST and ST items. There are very few places my tall, slim sons 6’2 & 6’9″ can purchase anything. Big & Tall stores are skewed to the BIG or Big & Tall vs the skinny & tall consumer. Eve. My x-husband who is 6’8″ and btwn 210-225 has issues finding clothes in tall stores as they barely carry any of the lower sizes yet stores are overflowing with Big sizes. Waist sizes usually start at 36″ yet we have needed 30″-34″ waist sizes and no xs or small sized anything…shirts or pants…are available in stores and is always sold out online even when I attempt to purchase T the beginning of the selling season. I am beginning to think they merely pretend to offer the xs/sm sizes at all! Why should the skinny or buff tall person need to look like a slob in baggy clothes or clothes that look like only a 40-70 yr old? Tailoring is expensive and rarely justifiable for casual clothes vs corporate wear for men. Somewhat analogous to skipping shoes sizes…women’s 12.5 shoes don’t exist.


    • Yes, I can relate to this totally! Luckily, my ex wasn’t skinny, and my current partner is not either. 🙂 Thanks so much for commenting, Erica!


      • Thanks Erica, I know about them and was planning to present them too, just haven’t heard back from them. 🙂 There were a few helpful suggestions on Facebook too.


  2. Angie. Why not try Banks menswear from Birmingham. They’ve catered for slim and tall and kingside. They do leg lengths to 38 and some 40. As well as sizes from LT up over. Also check out Slaters

    Menswear available on certain High streets and online.


  3. Thanks for sharing such an indispensable information with us. I think tall menlike to find clothings in which they look smart and handsome. You can check the exclusive collection from Prettylong.com


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