Big and Tall News – a Website for Men Interested in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle

When thinking about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, we usually assume that’s women’s territory. At least I know I do. Well, that doesn’t have to necessarily be the case! My new tall blogger friend, Big and Tall News, is a man, and I find his website very interesting.

Big and Tall

This site is aimed at men (primarily tall, as this is what glues it all together, like mine). There is, however something there to suit every man’s interest – as well as woman’s, for that matter. Those of us who have tall partners will find it very useful. I am actually really enjoying myself reading the articles here. Just a few examples:

How to choose your perfect suit?

How to tie your scarf?

What clothes suit your body?

So, today I am saying hello to Pierre, founder and author of Big and Tall News.

Hi there Pierre and thanks for getting in touch! This was genuinely a bit of a surprise for me: men are interested in fashion, beauty and lifestyle! And who are they, your readers? Do you target a particular type of audience (apart from being tall)?

Hi Angie, thanks very much for your interest! This is the era of the modern man who’s very fashion/skin/hair conscious, so yes, we are interested in fashion and beauty. Even if we still have a lot to learn, we’re catching up! My readers are looking for fashion tips, brands and take care (or wish) of themselves. I target big and/or tall men, as I would like my blog to be a great resource for them. But I also welcome any men by dealing with more generic subjects, such as grooming or tips to find the right clothes for them, as you found out.

In a nutshell, my blog is devoted to men – with a great bonus for big and tall men!

I find your website so handy and versatile; there is something there for everyone. How did you come up with this idea?

Thank you, I do try to deal with subjects men are interested in. I also want to write about things I know or I experienced, so I can give my honest opinion. Well, I decided to create Big and Tall News to help big and/or tall men, as I struggled myself with my height/weight when I was younger. I would have loved to find a blog devoted to big men! As I’ve built my self-confidence, I want to help in any way I can other men in the same situation.

More generally, I also think it’s a great way to talk about brands for big men I found interesting,  such as, or about accessories, such as the Edinburgh Bow Tie Co (bow ties are my favourite accessory).

Would you say there is a main theme to your site?

I would say that it’s definitely tips, ideas, and brands for men’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle. A kind of a melting pot!

My ex husband said once: “You have more shoes and clothes than me!” and I laughed it off. What do you think: who should have more shoes and clothes – the man or the woman??

That’s a good one! I know that my partner tends to buy lots of mid-quality shoes that she would wear once in a while. Don’t get me wrong; that’s a way to create your style. But I’d say men tend to have less shoes, but all high-quality and enough for each occasion (formal and casual). That’s my case and it works pretty well! On the other hand, I see many men having 200 pairs of trainers and I can’t say anything else, but I could be jealous about that!

Your posts are very competently written! Is this a hobby for you, or are you professionally qualified as a designer or artist?

Thanks a lot! My blog is a hobby for me. I work in a company, and Big and Tall News is a way to switch my brain off and do something I really enjoy. That’s why I blog two days a week. Although it’s a hobby, I know what I’m talking about, as I used to work in the headquarters of a retail brand in France for years, which involved a strong knowledge of the market and the clients!

There is so much to read and learn from your website! How do you decide what to post about: is it done at the spur of the moment, or do you plan your articles strategically?

It’s pure impulsivity! Sometimes I’m in a “brand-discovery-mission” and I’ll spend hours finding ones I’d like to blog about. It’s really done at the spur of the moment and that’s why I like blogging so much.

Which topics on your website do you find to be most popular? Is it general interest stuff, or fashion related, or maybe something else?

For the moment, I would say the most popular subjects are the ones related to brands (Jonathon Charles…) and fashion practical tips (such as how to roll your sleeves up). The interviews start raising interest, as they discover quality blogs and websites like yours!

Your site is bilingual, which is so amazing. Where does your reader base come from: are they primarily French or English speaking?

They are mainly English speaking coming from the UK and the USA. Then they are French-speaking coming from France, Swiss and Belgium. Finally I start having some readers from Russia and China, which is unbelievable! As it’s bilingual, I hope that’s my added value!

Thank you very much for this interview Angie, wishing you the best, Pierre.

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