Tall Slim Tees – A Brand for Tall and Slim Men

You are a tall and slim man? You may be struggling to find clothes that fit you, and, most certainly, the Big and Tall shops won’t be much help to you either. There are companies out there catering for the fit tall men (I am starting to gather information about them in my dedicated “Tall and Fit” category, so have a look if you are interested).

Today’s guest on my blog is Dan, founder of Tall Slim Tees.

He has kindly offered to give my readers and followers an exclusive coupon code for 5% off their order: just go to www.tallslimtees.com and use coupon code “angie” (without quotes) at checkout.

My model Daniel is 6’4″ from Alexandra Wood: http://www.alexandrawoodbespoke.co.uk/ He is wearing a size M.

Apart from manufacturing and selling t-shirts, Tall Slim Tees has a superb blog with lots of useful articles: some of the typical tall whinge (“All The Joys of Being a Tall Skinny Guy”; “Tall People’s Problems in Illustrated Form”), some fashion stuff (“Some Fashion Tips for the Tall Slim Man”; “A Visual Guide to a T-Shirt That Fits”), and, basically, all things tall.

Hi there Dan, and thanks for getting in touch with me. It does strike me that there is such a choice nowadays of companies manufacturing tall tees. I am sorry for the blunt question, but how are you different to them?

If you go online and look for tall tees, you can find them. The problem is they simply add an inch or two of length to standard t-shirts. For tall slim men like me, the standard sizes are fundamentally flawed. I needed the shoulders of an XL, the length and sleeves of a 2XL and the chest of a large. There were no tall tees like this, so I made TallSlim Tees, a brand of t-shirts with a fundamentally unique design that is made for guys who are tall and skinny. When you consider the fit, the fabric and the price, there is nothing else like them.

Why t-shirts? Is it because they are easier to design, or is there another reason behind it?

T-shirts are actually hard to design. It took about a dozen tries and several months to get the sizes right. But I knew I could always find pants and shorts. I didn’t have problems there. I had problems with t-shirts and all tops really. So the main reason was a selfish one: I just wanted t-shirts that actually fit me. But I knew if it was a problem for me, it was a problem for at least hundreds of thousands of other men.

My model, Pavel Badzhakov, is 6’2″, wearing a size L. Find him on pavzo.com, as well as Instagram – @pavzo_; Facebook: PAVZO Photography and Film; https://vimeo.com/pavzo

How do you source your materials, and who makes your t-shirts?

We are very particular about our fabric. We have a pile of samples in a box of all the materials we tried. We finally found the perfect one in our original 50/50 blend. We found the perfect manufacturer in China who was willing to work with us to get our custom sizes at an affordable price using this fabric.

You take proud in using high quality materials, yet your prices are very reasonable, and you do not charge postage on your US orders. How do you manage to break the balance?

To be honest we don’t make very much money. Our shirts are not dirt cheap for us to make. That’s just how it goes when you make custom things. And we ship all U.S. orders using 2-day priority mail, which is also not the cheapest way to go. But our customers get what they want in the quickest way possible at a decent price. And that’s more important than turning a huge profit. Of course, as people buy more shirts at a time, we make better money because we can ship several shirts for the same price it costs to ship one. So if anyone is considering buying TallSlim Tees, please consider buying more than one at a time 🙂

Are you planning on expanding your collection to other types of clothing at all?

Yes, we have already expanded into hoodies which are very popular. We have polo shirts and button up shirts coming in a couple of months as well. We get requests all the time but obviously can’t make everything. We’ll keep expanding when it makes sense though.

Tell me a bit about your blog? Are you the only author, or have you got more contributors? Do you plan your posts strategically, or do you just write as and when you get an interesting idea?

Currently I am the only author. I tried using blog services where you pay someone to write for you, but those turned out poorly. Right now I just write as I get an idea, but I would like to be more strategic and write more often. It’s just hard to find the time, but you can expect more good stuff from the blog soon.

Your blog is quite varied and interesting, so it is hard to say what your website is about: tall tees, or tall people’s problems? 🙂 Is it a bit of both, or is the blog a way to promote your collection?

My background is in search engine optimization. We show up prominently in Google search results as well as on Amazon when you search for t-shirts for tall skinny guys. Part of how that algorithm works is that it looks holistically at the content of your website. For example, a website that sells lawn mowers would naturally talk about topics such as landscaping, fertilizing, gardening, etc. I vary the blog topics to make sure I cover all there is as it relates to life as a tall guy.  We sell t-shirts, so obviously fashion makes an appearance, but pretty much anything related to being tall is on there so that we can have something for everyone who could be a potential customer.

What can tall people expect from your t-shirt?

Tall guys in general will have mixed feelings about our t-shirts. For guys who are big and tall, TallSlim Tees won’t fit very well. They are specifically designed for lean men. So if you are tall and slim, you can expect a few things. First, you can bend down without showing any crack: always a huge plus. You can raise your arms over your head without exposing your navel. You can hold your arms out sideways and you won’t see a huge wad of fabric around your arm pit. You can expect a tapered, slim fit to our shirts. They have smaller arm holes but longer sleeves. They have more length but less width. The waist tapers in slightly, but they open up more at the hips to lay comfortably over your pants. This may seem strange but that’s because you probably aren’t used to a shirt that can actually cover your pants. Our shirts are light, soft and flexible so they drape perfectly. In short, you can expect something you haven’t experienced before.

As banal as this sounds, what are your plans for the future?

We are working on polo shirts and button up shirts right now, but we are thinking we might do tank tops and sweatshirts in the coming months as well. We hope to get more colors also. We’ll just keep on doing what we’re doing because we keep on getting amazing feedback from our customers. We’re going to be around for a long time.
Here are contact details for my models again|:
London based fashion photographer Pavel Badzhakov
Website: pavzo.com
He owns the biggest fashion channel: vimeo.com/pavzo
Instagram: @pavzo_
Facebook: Alexandra Wood
Instagram: Alexandra Wood



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