UK Tall Fashion Sales on a Budget. Spring 2016 Fashion Review

This is not a sponsored post. 🙂 This is what genuinely got me interested and tempted me to spend money last week. For various reasons, this is not quite the time for me to get carried away with shopping, which is why I am ever so pleased with the great value I got for my cash.

My bargains this time were from

Bird print dress black/blue/gold:


I must say it’s the lowered price (£20) that attracted me to give this dress a go, but it turned out to be a really lovely piece. While the top is made of jersey (viscose plus spandex) that shapes the upper body quite nicely, the skirt is made of sheer woven viscose that accentuates the curves and hides any imperfections. Sexy and elegant, it can be dressed up or down. I like it with a leather jacket:


My other bargain is this cheeky little lace skirt, which only cost me a fiver and, not surprisingly, is out of stock already:


The lace is very nice, and, again, can be dressed up and down. Perfect for a summer party?


I also decided to have a peek at Dorothy Perkins‘ sales. Surprisingly, I found something I have been on the look out for for a long time – a denim dress.

Tall Indigo Button Denim Pinafore

I just fell in love with it. The cut is good and rather flattering. Made of good quality denim, this can be worn as casual or as sexy as required. I decided to combine it with a simple body from ASOS Tall:


So yes, I had fun with some shopping but also remained good. Added bonus: clothes which I suspect will be timeless classics.

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