American Tall – Not Just Clothes That Fit

Today’s guest on my blog is Jake Rajsky from American Tall – a brand striving to deliver clothes that fit the tall man. My first impression of them was their video “Life Doesn’t Always Fit”, which any tall person can relate to – I love it:

As other tall brands, American Tall have a tall people’s blog section on their website. Their Live Tall video series on YouTube are informative and entertaining, have a look when you have a spare moment.

And here are a couple of questions for Jake.

So, hello to Jake, and straight to the point: how do you think you’re different from other tall brands?

First and foremost, American Tall is a lifestyle brand – not just a clothing supplier. A brand embodies an image, a way of life and takes a stance on the latest fashion trends. A brand is more than just raw materials sewn together to make a garment. From our logo to our fabrics, our clothing trims to our packaging, we choose each detail to align with our brand image.
Blue Oxford_437

A little bit about our fit.

Rather than grouping the “bigs” and the “talls” together as so many retailers do, we focus solely on clothing that works for the tall man. This includes the slim and tall man as well as the bigger and more athletically built tall man. To elaborate, our Medium Tall shirts fit guys up to about 6’7 and 170-200lbs, while our XXL Tall fits guys the same height but up to around 315lbs.  We also offer M-XXL in an Extra Tall length which accommodates guys roughly 6’8 to 7’2. We have a wealth of experience on the team in clothing manufacturing, design, marketing, creative/social media and branding which has been vital to our success.
What does it take to make a difference in the tall fashion world? Is it about finding a niche product, or about marketing, or perhaps something else?
In order to succeed in business today you have to stand out from the crowd. Great fabrics, on trend styling and excellent fit are only the starting point. You have to offer your market a fantastic customer experience that makes him wonder how he ever managed without you. We make sure that every interaction with our customers is positive and leaves them with a smile on their face.


  1. American Tall is really doing a great job – I’ve been talking to them since their beginning as well, and it’s so cool to see how they are growing. And expanding their range – I’m wearing a lot of their stuff on a daily basis 🙂 Especially the Day and Night jacket is good for semi-casual semi-fine events like startup fairs and stuff like that. Thanks for sharing this piece on Jake and AmericanTall 🙂


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