Tall Runners Need Great Running Shoes

The human body is a miraculous machine that can take us to many places and enable us to do many things. If we’re tall, there are certain special considerations for taking the best possible care of our ‘machine’. 

Physics dictates that taller runners suffer greater impact stresses on their lower limb joints as they run. Pounding pavements can take its toll on hip joints, knees and ankles. If trail running is your bag, a supportive, well fitting shoe becomes even more imperative. Pounding uneven, off road terrain can also contribute to joint stresses and strains.

Whether you’re training for a Marathon, trail running or you simply enjoy a regular cardio fitness run in the park, it’s well worth taking care of your joints to keep you running well for decades to come.

Walktall have stocked up on ASICS running shoes as the running season reaches fever pitch. If you’re shoe size 12+, you can now choose from a wide range of beautifully designed ASICS styles with inbuilt GEL shock absorbing technology. Read up on each style you like the look of to check out whether it meets your specific running shoe needs, and be inspired by your great new running shoes.

Walktall offers free UK returns and exchanges on all unworn purchases. To check out all size 12+ ASICS styles, visit www.walktall.co.uk.

Disclaimer. Although published on behalf of Walktall as part of their marketing campaign related to the upcoming London Marathon, this post is not sponsored.



  1. I have been thinking for many months on how to write you. I posted months ago to one of your blogs, even though my post was not exactly on topic. You could have deleted it and/or replied with a condescending comment, but you kept my post. What this proves to me is that you will tolerate all views even those not on topic because you welcome all to write. You are more professional than those who claim to be professional journalists. Well done, tall lady.


    • Of course I tolerate all views and opinions and would never make a condescending comment! It is my readers whom I value so much. I remember your comments very well, Frank, thanks very much for your visit. Your nice words are so much appreciated!


  2. I am running the half marathon next week and using ASICS. very good shoes for sure. I am still not sure about any statistics that show whether the foot related injuries have gone done in the world because of better shoes though.


    • Thank you for commenting. I have never worn Asics before but have heard good reviews about them. As for the statistics, this post was published on behalf of Walktall, so I trust that they have done their research but am unable to vouch for it as I am not sure myself.


      • Hi Angie,
        Thanks for the reply. I am also a bit hazy on this footwear thing. However, i did read in “born to run” that a bit of stress is good for the feet as it helps strengthen them . A bit like strength training. The modern shoe wraps up the feet and does not let it strengthen. However, i still love my shoes and love running so this topic makes me think and introspect. 🙂


      • This is interesting! See, I never even looked into this as I have bad knees and running is one of the things I must not do as high impact exercise has very bad impact on knees. Thank you for the insight, I hope that some of my readers will find it helpful too!


  3. Just found your blog, well done.

    I’m looking for help for finding the best bootcut, mid rise jeans? I’ve tried a few but have been disappointed with the quality and the sizing issues across countries. I’m 183cm tall, 34 inseam, size 14 Australian sizing. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

    Look forward to reading more of your articles!


    Down Under


      • Hi Angie,
        Long Tall Sally and Next.com. I find the fabric is not hard wearing. Fit is ok but they are always out of stock. Looked at Paige however sizing looks a little small.
        I have long slim legs, no bum, and a bit of a tummy. Straight legs are awful so boot cut works best.
        Someone told me to try Sheplers in US as well.
        The best jeans I have ever had were Bettina Lliano is Australia however they went out of business. ☹️


      • Oh this is interesting! I would have recommended LTS but with them it is hit and miss, I find that some jeans are lovely while others not at all. I have one pair from about 10 years ago that I am unwilling to let go just because I cannot find one to replace it. 😦 Not sure what to suggest now… Whereabouts are you based, UK or US?


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