My Book About Tall People’s Struggles Is Out! And It Is Good!

I am now, officially, an author – not ‘just’ a blogger. I am so proud of what I am announcing to you all, as I believe this is the first novel to address tall people’s issues and struggles. If you think I am wrong, as you are aware of another book like that, please comment below, so I can find that book and compare notes. But, as far as I am aware, my book is the first of its kind in the history of literature.

Some of you will have seen the Netflix movies ‘Tall Girl’ and ‘Tall Girl 2’ – so the interest in ‘us’, the tall species, is there; just so far there hasn’t been an author to put pen to paper and write about those things we complain to each other about in the tall people’s Facebook pages. So I did it.

‘A Tall Woman Of Many Talents’ is a book about what it really is like to be a modern-day Amazon woman. It will certainly make you laugh; it may even make you cry, but will most definitely get you exclaiming: ‘Oh, this is me!!’ Even if you are not necessarily too tall – because I went beyond the frame of addressing just tall people. This is a book that everyone will find something to relate to; even more so people who struggle to fit it for whatever reason.

When I first held the book in my hands, it felt bizarre. Reading it as a paper copy helped me detach from the fact I’d written it and see it with the eyes of a reader. And man, I have done a great job! Not one to blow my own trumpet, but I will have to, as this book deserves to get noticed!

While working on the book, I used ideas and suggestions from many tall ladies who commented under the post on my Facebook page asking for their negative experiences of being tall. Thank you to all those who contributed! This makes the book more than a personal story, but, instead, a narrative about all of us sharing similar experiences and struggles.

Here is feedback from my first readers:

My book is available to buy on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Christopher Buxton – British author and translator of Bulgarian poetry:

I read your book over two days; it made me smile, laugh, cry. You have your own writing style. You write fearlessly and truthfully.

The first thing I’d say is that you are the woman you are, therefore you are the writer you are. Nothing can change this. And you should be proud. The work moved me, I feel very close to the other – the male side of your experience – the man in the life of a woman who without being tall shared most of the experiences you describe.

I feel that a sympathetic reader will respond to your informal writing style with its unique turns of phrase and mixed metaphors. Your writing has a fresh, sometimes awkward phrasing, which makes it feel damn authentic.

One advantage in living in culturally diverse UK is that readers are excited by new voices from the different diasporas, and their new modes of expression.

Tim Little Bear – American Author of Giantess Stories on Amazon Kindle:

It was interesting to see that I could relate to the character so much. There is a lot of humor in the book, a lot of self-deprecation and also some sadness. But there is also a lot of joy and positivity too…

Although its primary audience is very tall women and taller-than-average people in general, I think readers of all types can find something to relate to in this story.

I recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt singled out, ostracized, criticized or sometimes just feels like they don’t belong. If that sounds like you, most likely, you will be able to relate to Victoria’s struggles.

Ivana Medvidovic-Seric – tall reader:

I read your book and I liked it. Especially since I was a straight A student, living in a post-communist country and 185 cm, even got divorced. I could relate to a lot of things in it.

I am happy that you chose me to read it. I am also happy for you. Good job, girl! I hope you will write more. And good luck!

Stefka Rousseva – tall reader:

I ‘devoured’ most of it in two days. There were moments when, should you have been around, I would have found you to give you a hug, because of the pain of our childhood and how we were brought up with complexes. I, too, had complexes because of my height and walk hunched up, although nowadays I am happy for the new generations towering over me bravely and proudly.

Your book saddened me. I think that a lot of people will find your story relatable. It hardly made me laugh though. You are looking for answers for yourself, about your own life, so I saw it as auto therapy. If it helped you, it will help other people. All the best, good luck!

My book is available on Amazon as paperback, as an e-book on Kindle, and on Barnes & Noble.


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