Being Tall = Standing Out of the Crowd. Through No Choice of Yours!

Whether you like it or not, you are born who you are. While we can try and change most things about our appearance (body shape, facial features, anything we don’t like about ourselves which can be corrected either naturally or through surgery), there is nothing we can do about our height. Which is the most frustrating bit. Many blogs have appeared on the web from ladies who love being tall and are proud of it. What if you are not? If you feel deceived and trapped in your own body, just because you have no choice in being what you are?!

Many women strive to stand out of the crowd – literally and metaphorically. What if you have no choice but stand out of the crowd? What is so good about being tall? I am not too sure, but I can say what is not good – not having got a choice. About pretty much anything in life.

  • Not having a choice when it comes to finding clothes and shoe. Even with the best fashion sense you cannot dress yourself the way you want to. Not in clothes that fit you, anyway. Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk into a shop when you fancy buying a new pair of jeans, choose what you like and come out of the shop as a happy customer? Instead of browsing through a handful of expensive websites, waiting for delivery… only to find out the jeans don’t really look that good on you, so – off to the post office to return them. Doh.
  • Feeling restricted in your choice of men. Many women are bold enough and don’t mind whether their man is taller or shorter, which is, yes, cannot argue with that, more or less a personal choice. If you do want your man to be taller, though, you haven’t got as much choice. Or not at all. This is not to say that I haven’t had boyfriends shorter than me, but what I hate to admit it that it is not a choice I would like to be making. Plus, seeing a short girl with a tall man triggers a nasty thought it me: what a waste! After all, she is stealing the choice of a girl who would only date a tall man. Not a nice comment, I know, but I just can’t help thinking it – as much as I try to think of all us women as sisters who have to support each other!
  • Whilst at my age I pretty much don’t care what people think of my height, this is what ruled my world when I was younger. I grew up full of complexes rooted in one basic fact – my height. Comments like ‘What is the weather up there?’, ‘How tall are you??’, ‘Gosh you are tall!’ (‘Really?? I didn’t know that!!!’) were a daily nuisance which got to me and affected the quality of my (teenage) life. I have a daughter and just hate to think that she will have to go through this herself. Better start preparing my speeches about tall being beautiful!
  • Daily chores and routines can be frustrating. Washing up in a low sink, sitting on a low toilet, squeezing in air plane seats with no leg room, trying out oh so many cars to find the one you can actually fit in… – I can keep adding to this list until the cows come home. Everything reminds you that you are not the same as everyone else… Through no choice of yours!

Or is this necessarily bad? Can I actually embrace my height and try to enjoy it?

Well yes, at the age of 40+ this is my only choice to feel normal.

But AM I??


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