Biker Jacket – Tall Fashion Review

– Mum, where did you buy this jacket from?

Dorothy Perkins Tall Black Collarless Biker Jacket

– Dorothy Perkins, from their website. Why??

– It looks very nice!

This is probably the best fashion compliment I have received in the last… errr, ever. Although, thinking about it, I did get some sort of a compliment from my other half, too. And he doesn’t do compliments – full stop. Being a biker himself (i.e.  someone who should know about biker jackets), he looked at it with some strange interest (which I honestly wasn’t prepared for!), touched it (wow, that must have really caught his eye!?!) and asked, ‘How much did you pay for it?’ Now, this question I was prepared for, of course. But it caught me by surprise that he kind of… errr, approved my purchase. First time in years… or ever!

So, this is how it starts – my reviews of tall fashion purchases. I just have to give this one 10/10. It is a really good fit, does emphasise your lady lumps (even if you haven’t really got much there). The sleeves are a little bit on the tight side, but it is still comfortable to wear and looks flattering on you.

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