Being Tall – Got to Love It!

OK, job done, got it off my chest! I duly whinged last week about the reasons why it is not too cool to be tall. Not that tall, anyway. I am sure that many tall women can relate to my points there, but, as promised, now it’s time to look at the other side of the coin. Since there is not much we can change about our height (apart from putting some heels on and becoming even taller!), shall we admit that tall IS beautiful, and be proud of it. And here is why!

  • As mentioned in one of my older posts, being tall can make you more confident as a person. You just learn from experience that what others say about your height shouldn’t really make a difference to how you feel. You deflect any negativeness and learn to accept your height. Always a plus to add some extra positiveness to your life.
  • You get noticed… without having to make an extra effort. Of course, it does help to make an effort to look good: since they have already noticed you, they may as well like what they see… rather than turn their head and carry on. Being noticed, let’s admit it, makes you feel good. Gives you a better posture, and puts a secret smile on your face. Gets hormones going, so it is all good for you. After all, attracting attention is always better than no attention at all.
  • Sometimes this can work in your favour in unexpected ways. I went to that gig a couple of months ago, my all time favourite band, and every fan’s dream would be, naturally, to get noticed by them. Piece of cake! As the gig was at a tiny venue, there was only a few people towering over the crowd, and definitely only one of them was a female. When I got to meet them I realised that the band’s leader (who I knew was tall) was, wow, taller than me. He seemed as amazed as I was to look at someone at his eye level rather than look down. And, here is the best bit. Some time later, I passed on my regards to them through a common friend. Could you possibly guess what happened? Yes, your guess is correct, the whole band remembered me. Vividly. Why? Because I am so bloody tall.  This is probably the only time in my life when I felt blessed for being so tall. Amen.
  • The list can continue with more trivial stuff. Like not having to ask for help when reaching for the shelves at the supermarket. As a matter of fact, you become a desirable person to shop around, as people just can’t resist asking you, ‘Excuse me, madam, would you mind reaching out for that box for me please?’ And you make their day – they feel grateful for life! Again gives you a boost of feeling good about yourself. Did something for the humanity, helped a soul today!

I am sure this list will get longer and longer… In due time. Let’s call it a day for now, and we will catch up again soon… Good night, tall ladies, and let’s think of more good reasons to enjoy our height.


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