Top 5 Tallest Actors in Hollywood

Do you like your men tall? If so, have a look at this Tallest Actors in Hollywood height chart.

Did you realise so many Hollywood’s actors were that tall? I didn’t! I do have my tall favourites, so when I add them to this chart, here is my Top 5.

1. Josh Duhamel (6’3″) – missing from the chart, but definitely my No 1 hot tall actor. Check him out in ‘Scenic Route’ – his most serious achievement to date, released in 2013. Some call him Mr Fergie, as he is married to Black Eye Peas’ lead singer. They had an adorable baby boy last year. Baby Axl’s photos went viral through Josh and Fergie’s Facebook and Instagram posts and earned Josh the ‘best celebrity hands-on dad’ tag. He supports charities and engages in local community, too, so is not just an actor: credit to the tall world. 🙂

2. Chris Hemsworth (6′ 2 1/2″). He will probably top everyone else’s chart, will he? Being so charismatic and athletic, no wonder why his Facebook fan page scores just under two million ‘likes’. Is these a ‘Thor’ sequel in the pipeline anytime soon…?

3. Liam Neeson (6’4″). No words needed, are they!

4. Dwayne Johnson (6′ 5″)- we just got to love his sense of humour… and his roles in kids movies. It is always a bonus not to take yourself too seriously.


5. Vince Vaughn (6’5″) – I may be wrong, but I do think that his best times are still to come. Is that Big Role just around the corner, the one he will be remembered for? Hopefully yes… although there is nothing wrong in being a brilliant comic actor, either!

And now that you know who my Top 5 Tall Hollywood Actors are, I’d die to know who yours are!

P.S. All photos have been Googled.


  1. Being almost 5’9″, I, too, look for the big and tall ones! Gotta add Lee Pace (6’5″) and that voice of his…. ooohhhh… ; I always had a thing for John Corbett (6’5″) – also with a voice… hmmm… I seem to have a pattern here; one last one not on your list is Matthew Modine (6’4″)…

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