Writing 101- Day 6. The Most Interesting Person I Have Met in 2014: DC Cooper

Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year? Today’s twist: Turn your post into a character study. This assignment is probably the one I will enjoy most in this writing programme. Because it is about the most interesting person I have met this year. Or, shall I say, for a very long time. The person who inspired me to start writing again. To do what I love doing – not because there is a commercial/financial future in it, but purely because I enjoy it and think I do well. And who knows, one day my blog may be good enough for him to stop by for an interview! There is a strange enchantment surrounding him. If you read the stories about the Little Girl and rock music on my blog, you may be able to put your finger on it. You may be able to understand what the magic is about. If you do, please let me know! As I still cannot explain it to myself. He is a rock star. An idol for many. One of those untouchable people you only see on TV and the Internet, read about in magazines and listen to on the radio. The latter is not really the case with him – unfortunately. Not in the UK, anyway. At least we are lucky enough to see him tour in this country. Which is what I owe the pleasure and honour to have met him in person. This is him: wpid-img_70644749616487.jpeg As a singer he is one of the best. His fans truly believe he is The Best. I wouldn’t as far as making such a statement. There are so many big voices out there – and so many others who are as good as him in terms of talent. However, saying he is ‘one of the’ is, indeed, an understatement about him. Because he is an outstanding vocalist and a phenomenon in rock. The true measure of a singer’s vocal ability are his live performances. This is why I was a bit sceptical before I saw him at the concert in London earlier this year. I didn’t expect him to live up to my expectations. That would have been too good to be true. The songs are far too difficult to be sung live. Honestly. Not humanly possible. And still, apparently, it is. We all listened to him sing his heart out with our breath held. Totally, absolutely, awesomely amazing. No words can describe it. As another fan put it, ‘he had the crowd in the palm of his hand’. What also makes him very special to us all is how down to earth he is. Everyone who wants to meet him can do so. As long as they have the patience to wait their turn in the queue. Which can take some time – because he makes everyone feel important. Talks to everyone, takes his time, shows interest. Is he really interested in us? In what we have to say? Honestly? No way. Well, he must be. He really listens to his fans and appreciates their support. So, after all, he is not one of those untouchables. And he is the most interesting person I have met this year – no doubt about that. After the gig, my curiosity took over and I did some more research on him. To find out that he is a genuinely interesting person: working to help others, getting involved in his community, being a great dad to two lovely kids. He communicates with his fans as if they were his friends. Which, totally, they are. He shares his thoughts and emotions with them – rather than just inform them of his professional milestones. He makes them feel part of a big family. Which is probably why they are such a dedicated bunch. Like I am – one of DC’s army. To learn more about him, do visit his official Facebook page here, and do check his website out here. Oh, and read my posts about the Little Girl. Please. 🙂 dc and me   P.S. The photos used in this article belong to the author. More can be seen in the photo album here.

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