Writing 101- Day 7. Confessions of a Tall Shopaholic? Nah, Not Really! An Unconventional Tall Dresses Fashion Review

Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else. Today’s twist: write your post in the form of a dialogue. You can create a strong opposition between the two speakers — a lovers’ quarrel or a fierce political debate, for example. Or you could aim to highlight the difference in tone and style between the two different speakers — your call!

– You are not going to keep all three dresses, are you?

Awkward silence.

– Mmmm… Errr… I am, actually…

– But you DON’T need three dresses!! Do you, Angie?

– No, Di*, I don’t… But I want them. And I like them.

I am walking towards the company car park after work with one of my colleagues. She is a lovely woman. Not old enough to be my mum, but there is a considerable age gap between us, which I truly respect. As well as her judgement in life.

– I am sorry to tell you off about this… but if your mum was alive, she would have done the same. So see me as a mother’s figure here, will you! Think about your kids!! You need to be saving money for them. For their education, houses, all that is still to come. Tell me I’m wrong!

Now, this is a good argument. Plus, makes me feel guilty. Best strategy for persuading me. If anyone wants to win an argument with me, all they have to do it find a way to make me feel guilty. Boom. Game over!

– No. You’re right. But… I am not in that place yet. I can’t be saving any money with the extortionate amounts I am paying for childcare, can I!!

– Exactly the point. If you hadn’t bought three dresses, you would have had a bit more money in your bank account this month.

– I know… That’s true. But, then, I sold some old clothes on Ebay last week, and the money I got for them is more or less the same as what I paid for the dresses. Haven’t really lost any money, have I, but have refreshed my wardrobe.

– You could have used this money for something wiser, Angie!

– I know. But then, you know what it is like for me. There is no shop where I can actually go and buy myself a dress, is it! Long Tall Sally shut their store down (but they are bloody expensive, anyway), Dorothy Perkins and New Look stopped the tall range in store – and they were the only places selling my size. Every time I want something, I have got to buy it online. And how many times do the clothes fit me?? Remember how many times I have been buying clothes and sending them back? I do have trouble finding clothes to fit me, Di, you know that. You have a similar problem, but you are 6′ and can still find stuff for yourself. While I am 6’4″… So, if I find something to fit me that I like and is not too expensive, I’d go for it.

– Yes… I know what you mean. You are right there.

– Last time I ordered two dresses, I sent both back, didn’t I, as they didn’t look good on me. So it is not like I am buying anything. Only stuff I like. And it was on promotion. Which is why I bought three dresses. They are all gorgeous.

– Yes, but you could send at least one back. Can’t you!! Be honest, you don’t need them all.

– Grrr. Yes. You are right. I don’t need all three of them.

– You know what you remind me of… I had a friend who was nearly as tall as you. When she was young, there were no clothes for us, really, so we had to buy regular clothes. So when we grew up, started earning money and that, and there was more choice in the shops, she started buying clothes all the time. I mean, all the time! I don’t think she needed them all. She only bought them because she could. That’s a shopaholic for you!

– Hm…. I get your point. But I am not like that, come on! Oh, I didn’t have to pay postage either! I got a promotional code for free next day delivery.

– Right! As if you couldn’t have used the ‘collect in store’ option – that would have been free anyway!

– You know what to say to any of my arguments, don’t you…!

– Yup.

– But I am only young once, Di! If I don’t wear nice clothes now, when will I! The kids are growing up, they will become more and more expensive, so even if I want to, I may not be able to afford buying for myself in a couple of year’s time. So I am investing in myself in a way.

– Isn’t that a bit selfish, though.

– Maybe. But it’s not like my kids are not well dressed or anything. I buy them everything they need. So I am not stealing from them, so to say, am I…!

– You seem to have made up your mind, haven’t you.

– Well… yes…

– What are you going to say to your husband?? Think about that!

– Nothing. He may not notice that I am wearing something new. If he does, I will tell him that I got a good bargain.

– Yeah, and he’ll buy that, you reckon… Oh gosh, look at the time! You’ll be late picking up the kids from the childminder, let’s go!!

– I’ll be OK, don’t worry. See you tomorrow.

– Yes. And think about what I said, will you!

OK. I did think about it.

So, here are the facts. This is one of the dresses I got from Dorothy Perkins. The length is just above the knee (I am 6’4″, but if you are not as tall as me, it will probably come to you knee length). The cut is nice and it does look flattering, as it hides your tummy. Which is why I don’t mind the slightly higher waist: this is what contributes to the slimming effect – the floaty design.

The dress is still available to buy here. And, even without the discount, is rather good value for money.


Here is the second dress. Unfortunately, this one is no longer available to buy.


And the third one – no longer available either, sorry!


How my husband reacted? Well, he didn’t notice, as I was hoping. But one person who did notice was my son. Before leaving the house in the morning, I was admiring my little daughter: ‘Awwww… how cool are you in this outfit! What a cutie!’ My son looked at my new dress, surprised by my look (I also had leggings on underneath) and said: ‘Wow, you look cool!’

More photos to follow. Oh, and shall I tell you a secret (but don’t tell anyone!)?? I did keep all three dresses – and I didn’t regret it. At all. For all reasons listed above!


  1. This speaks to me for a few reasons:
    1) Growing up, finding stuff that fit me was difficult because I was tall and REALLY skinny. My son is in the same boat and I get how frustrating that had to have been for my parents.
    2) My wife has a hell of a time finding pants, in particular that fit her properly. While she’s about average height, finding pants that fit her body type can be a pain in the ass (pun not intended). Frustrates the hell out of her and doesn’t do me any favors, either (doesn’t allow me to surprise her with pants should I want to do so).
    3) My daughter is much like my son and I in 1 above.
    I like the dialogue here. There are a couple slight issues with punctuation and capitalization here, but it’s good, otherwise. I can hear the actual conversation and nearly visualize the speakers (before I got down to the actual picture).
    Nice job.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks very much for taking the time to write such a detailed comment! I am glad to hear that you can relate to the points I have tried to make. 🙂 Also, as English is not my first language, I would appreciate more feedback on the punctuation, etc issues that you mentioned? 🙂


  3. That Di character really got on my nerves … 🙄 I wouldn’t even waste time arguing with someone like that. AND keep all three dresses, of course. ,)


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