Writing 101- Day 13. Losing Friends… And Finding Them. Hail to Facebook

Losing friends is easy. You don’t regret it if they were not real friends. What if they were? You sometimes wonder where they are, what they’ve been up to. And you do regret letting them go, not keeping in touch. It does eat you up – at least now and then.

Until… you find them again.

I opened my Facebook one day – as I do, for, like, 34th time that day. To find a new friend request. No, sorry, two! One of the names was strangely familiar, and the other one – not really. They were both from my home town, so I got a bit curious. Perhaps we used to know each other? Or have some common friends? Hm.

Clicking through the links, again and again, made my day. Two of my primary school classmates have found me. Whom, I must say, totally ashamed of myself, I had forgotten about. I really liked them and we got on quite well, but somehow lost touch a good twenty years ago.

I never tried to find them – but they did. So, although this may sound cheesy, I was touched. By the fact that they made an extra effort to find me (which couldn’t have been easy, as I had changed my surname and moved to another country!). That I still mean something to them. That they are interested in being friends again, after all of us took our own paths in life.

Adding yet another ‘friend’ on Facebook is no big deal – obviously. It is a big deal, though, when this is someone you genuinely know and like. This can be a life changing moment for you…

So, if anyone says anything bad about Facebook, what I’ll have to say is: this is how I found old lost friends. And how I keep in touch with them. Thank you, Facebook!


  1. Oh, yes, I know the feeling! The same happened to me some 4 years ago when, out of the blue, I was contacted by a friend with whom I had lost, abruptly, all sort of contact back in year 2000. I had been thinking about him all that time, wondering how he was, was he thinking about me at all… The power of modern communications 🙂


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