Writing 101- Day 15. My Voice (Gig That Got Cancelled)

You’re told that an event that’s dear to your heart — an annual fair, festival, or conference — will be cancelled forever (or taken over by an evil organization). Write about it. For your twist, read your piece aloud, multiple times. Hone that voice of yours!

Fuck. Cannot fucking believe it. FUCK!! How can they cancel it? The concert I’ve been looking forward to for so many bloody months. My favourite band’s. I missed them a couple of years ago, and now that I can make it… They can’t. Fuck.

Yes, this is not like me, is it. Or maybe you don’t know me well enough, if you haven’t heard me swear before. I am ever so sorry, yes, truly… but… I’ll still keep swearing. Not that this will make those promoters re-schedule the gig. The gig that will change my life, actually – but I wouldn’t have possibly known this, as I am not a time traveller. Or at least one of The Doctor’s companions. Not that lucky.

So this is why I have no way of knowing that this gig would have been such an intense experience for me, that it would have eventually driven me back to my passion for writing. This is what would make me want to interview musicians again and write about them. But, since I am no one in the business, all I can do is start small (start a blog, that is) and hope that my new blog will become big enough one day to invite rock stars on it. Or that a magazine will notice me and will ask me to be their columnist. Or a website will ask me to be their residential blogger.

Or… But, anyway, none of this will ever happen – because the fucking gig got cancelled!! I will rot forever at my office desk and will never do anything to make a dream come true. How much does this suck, hey. Knowing that there is something you may want to do one day, but not having the guts to start it. Well, after all, I do have a full-time job, plus two kids, and a demanding husband… So what am I hoping for, sorry?? Writing?? What writing, when?? I never have time for anything, leave alone some quality ‘me’ time, which is the main thing you need to write.

So let’s face it, I will never start this blog, just because I never re-connected with myself. Because the gig got cancelled, fuck. So in a way I’ve lost nothing, really, as I didn’t know what the future had in store with me anyway.

End of story. Damn.

Still… Well… To tell you the truth, the life-changing gig did take place. You can read about the reasons why it changed my life in my series of stories called ‘Rock and the Little Girl’, and in particular here.


  1. That was quite an interesting and entertaining take on the assignment! Great job! When I have a little more time, I will go back in time with you to read what led up to your passion. 😀 Best wishes in Writing 101 and beyond!

    ~ Angela

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    • Thank you, glad you liked it, as it was enterntaining for to write, too. 🙂 Yes, do read those stories, would be interesting to see what a blogger thinks of them! So far I’ve only shared them with friends and fellow fans.


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