Writing 101- Day 16. Lost and Found

Today, you’ll write a post or story about stumbling upon an item in a “lost and find” pile. If you’re continuing on with the serial twist, reflect more broadly on the theme of “lost and found.” 

– Mum, mum! Look what I found!

– Awww… Sooty. You know what this is, don’t you?

– Yes, this is a cartoon, but it’s for babies, I don’t watch it any more, I am too big for that! But Annie will like it!! I’ll give it to her tonight, she’ll be happy!

– No, darling, we can’t keep it. Otherwise yes, your little sister would have loved it.

– Why not? Someone’s lost it, so it’s now everyone’s. Right?

– Well… Just think about it. Where are we?

– On the way back from school. Why?

– Perhaps the person who lost it was on the way to school, too. Can you think where else they could have been going? Or coming back from, of course.

– The nursery?

– See! What shall we do, then?

– Ohhh… I see. OK, then. Shall we go back?

The two figures, mum and son, pick up the toy from the path and go back to where they are coming from. The nursery is just opposite the boy’s school. In they go.

As usual, he doesn’t wait for the lady at reception to acknowledge his presence. He storms in and interrupts.

– Excuse me, do you know whose toy this is?

Silence. The lady raises her head in curiosity. For a second she contemplates whether to say, ‘Hello to you too, young man!’ They do have to learn good manners one day, don’t they!

– … Oh yes! It belongs to one of the girls in ‘Harbour’. She was in tears this morning. Last night Sooty was in the wash and she just wouldn’t go to sleep without him, apparently. She was so heartbroken! Where did you find it, sweetheart?

– Well, we were on our way home, as school is finished for today, you know, and I saw it lying on the pavement. I really liked it for my sister, but mum thought we should try and find who has lost it.

– This is exactly what you should have done, sweetheart. Your mum was right. Imagine what this means to the little girl. This is her favourite toy, and she was so sad that she’d lost it. She will be ever so grateful to you for finding it. I’ll go and find her now. Thanks ever so much, sweetheart! You’ve been a good boy! What a star!

His eyes light up and his cheeks go rosy. When leaving the nursery, he is hopping away, jumping up and down with excitement. He has always been fidgety anyway, but now he has a genuine reason to be.

– Mum, I’ve done a good thing today, haven’t I!

– You certainly have, darling. Well done. You know what it means to lose something you love, don’t you.

– Yes… Remember I lost my sunglasses last week… And my favourite hat!

– Yup. Imagine how you would have felt if someone found them and brought them back to you?

– Yes, wouldn’t that be great! I cried so much that night when I remembered I lost them.

– You did… This is how that little girl must have felt when she lost her favourite toy. You have done a very good thing indeed. Now, shall we go and get you an ice cream, you deserve it today.

Going back home has never been happier for him – although there is no new toy for his little sister.


  1. Really! Then I managed to do my job well. 🙂 No, it is not actually a real story, but could well be one day. 😉 Glad you liked it, thank you!


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