Writing 101- Day 14. The Word from Page 29. Letter to Death

Today’s assignment: open page 29 of any book, pick up a word that stands out and write about it, try with a letter.

Dear Death

Please don’t be offended if I say that you are not dear to my family, but my mum has taught me to always start my letters with the word ‘Dear’ because this is what polite people do. She has also taught me that if you want something very much, you have to ask for it politely. This is why I am calling you ‘dear’, will you now do what I am asking you please?

Please don’t take the people I love away from me. My mum said that nanny is now with the angels and that brightest star in the sky is hers. But I know that you took her away with you.

I know that you also took away my daddy’s nanny. I don’t remember her, but I have seen her photos with me when I was little and she looks like a lovely lady.

You also took my dad’s other nanny. I do remember her and how nice her cakes were.

What are you doing with them, why do you need them? Can’t they stay with us a bit longer? Can you bring them back please because I love them very much and I miss them.

Can you also bring back my fish please? Not all of them. That one who used to suck on the others and hit them, you can keep it. But the other three were very nice, and I love them.

I hope this is not too much to ask. I did ask nicely, and I am a good girl for mummy and daddy. If you want me to behave extra, I will, just bring them back.

Yours truly,


P.S. The word I chose is ‘death’, page 29 of Paolo Coelho’s ‘Victoria Decides to Die’.

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