Where to Find Extra Tall Tights – UK Finds

It may not be the season to wear tights, but it is the season of the big sales. Plus, before we know it, summer will be over and we will be on the lookout for comfortable tights for our long legs.

What have I found to work for me? I am 6’4″ (193 cm), 36″ inside leg.

The first obvious place to go is, of course, Long Tall Sally. Their tights are always guaranteed to fit well. However, they are not particularly cheap. If you are lucky, you could buy a pair for about £6, possibly for a fiver in the sale.

I have recently discovered that the tights sold on http://www.tallgirls.co.uk are a good compromise between quality and value.



A pack of 3 pairs costs £8, which is a very reasonable price. If you order just hoisery on its own, their delivery charges are small, only £1.75. I can guarantee that I will be buying more from them, as dispatch is very quick too.

The downside is that these tights are not really generously tall, not for my height anyway. With a bit of careful stretching, though, they do the job. Their material is not premium either, so I would say they are just regular tights, but, after all, they are good value.

My biggest discovery this summer was in TK Maxx:


The brand is Wolford. When I tried them on, I just couldn’t believe their length. Pure heaven! They are so generously tall, and their material is lush. I would easily say that they are much better than Long Tall Sally. Honestly! Unfortunately, the tights on their website are rather expensive, but if you are lucky like me, you may find them much cheaper at TK Maxx.

Another make I love, unfortunately, cannot be found in the UK – San Pellegrino. Their size 5 support tights are perfect for our height. I buy them in Bulgaria from the local Metro shop, so I would imagine that most European branches of this chain may possibly stock them. If not, Italy is the place to go. 🙂

If you find any other tights to fit you, please do let me know. I would be interested to hear from you! We love our legs, and what makes them more perfect that a good pair of tights!

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