Top 10 Tall Rock and Heavy Metal Singers

After the unexpected success of my Top 5 Tall Hollywood Actors article, on my radar now are some of the most popular tall rock and metal singers. As surprising as this may seem, finding out rock stars’ height proved to be not that easy. Here is what I got at my first attempt: image


You can’t help but laugh at the accuracy of Google search (Ronnie James Dio and Pink, anyone??)…

So, as you can imagine, I had lots of fun while compiling information for this article. And, before I continue, I need to point out that this project is totally for fun and enterntainment. It is entirely based on information available on the World Wide Web (which may not be 100 per cent accurate), apart from a couple of artists I am personally in touch with. The order of preference is a result of my personal choice and taste, so I would happily agree to disagree if yours is different!

Since I originally posted this blog, there has been a fair number of comments contributing to this endless list (thank you!). There has also been an exchange of ideas through a very interesting website called the Cavan Project. Do check their post out, as this is perhaps the most exhaustive list of tall rock musicians!

Here I also need to say a big Thank You to Mike LePond (bass player, Symphony X) for providing first-hand information about the height of my absolute Number One Metal Singer:

1. The One and Only Sir Russell Allen (6’3″, or 191 cm)

Find him on: Official Facebook Page, Twitter 

russell allen

The ultimate monster of progressive metal alive, he is easily the best voice in his genre. And, of course, a huge credit to the global society of tall talents.

He is best known for being the lead vocalist of Symphony X. For those unfamiliar with their work, this is one of the most interesting progressive metal bands nowadays. Russell’s current project is Adrenaline Mob (find them on their official Facebook Page and official Twitter). They recently toured the States following the release of their new album ‘Men of Honor’.

His vocal range and singing style vary from nearly brutal metal to most gentle lyrical performance. Just as an example, try to compare ‘King Of Terror‘ to ‘Candlelight Fantasia‘. Can you believe this is the same singer all along? I couldn’t when I first heard him. Totally breathtaking. As is another personal favourite of mine:

2. DC Cooper (6’3″, or 191 cm)

Find him on: Official Website, Official Facebook PageOfficial Twitter


DC Cooper at Rockingham, Nottingham, UK, 25/10/2015. Photo by the author.

For those of you who are new to my blog, DC features heavily in my sections ‘Rock Music’ and ‘Tall Talents’. Read about him in my article ‘The Most Interesting Person I Have Met in 2014’, my review of Royal Hunt’s concert in London, and my article about his current band Royal Hunt.

He recently published an official announcement that he is working on his second solo album – eagerly awaited by his devoted fans. His first solo album was released in 1998, and we are all anxious to find our what direction his music talent has taken this time. More about this – when the album comes out.

As for his vocal range, it is as impressive as Russell Allen’s (they can both give each other run for their money). Check these compilations out to be impressed: Mixed-Voice High Notes and Screams, and DC’s Vocal Range.

3. Robert Plant (6’1, or 184 cm)

Find him on his Official Website Plant

One of rock music’s most legendary singers, Robert Plant is best known for being Led Zeppelin’s frontman. We are all eagerly awaiting his new solo album (due 8th September), ‘lullaby and… THE CEASELESS ROAR’.

4. Joe Elliott (6.1 1/2, or 187 cm)


Def Leppard’s iconic lead singer is also a radio presenter on Planet Rock. You can tune in every Saturday from 6 pm Greenwich mean time (repeated every Tuesday from 9 pm). He is funny, charismatic and a pleasure to listen to. And he does play a fair number of Def Leppard’s tracks.

5. James Hetfield (6’1, or 184 cm)


As much as I love Metallica, I would have never dared make a statement about James Hetfield being a particularly good singer. I did see them on stage in the late 90’s but was not really that impressed by his singing.

I shouldn’t have been that cruel (after all, he probably cannot hear himself when the ecstatic crowd sings along). I only got to appreciate his vocal ability when I heard Dream Theater’s cover album of ‘Master of Puppets’. James Labrie (who is thought to be one of the clearest and most perfect vocalists in the progressive world) sounds… sorry, truly pathetic there. This must mean that James Hetfield is a bloody good singer, so is not simply a guilty pleasure of mine!

No more words needed. As well as about my next favourite tall talent:

6. Richie Sambora (6’0 1/2, or 183 cm)


Apart from taking my hat off to him for his successful career (as member of Bon Jovi as well as a solo musician), I should also mention his new album, ‘I’ll Always Walk Beside You’. He is touring at the moment to promote it.

7. David Lee Roth (6’0)

lee roth

Legendary X Van Halen singer who also has a successful solo career.

8. Jeff Scott Soto (6’3)

Find him on his Official Facebook Page


Also working on a new solo album, he has just celebrated 30 years of his career. The list of the bands he featured in is endless: Talisman, Journey, Yngwie Malmsteen, Panther, Axel Rudi Pell, and so on, and so on. As active on stage as in the studio, he is one of those singers who were born to perform live. Pure energy and vocal power.

9. Fish (impressive 6’5)


He started off in neo-progressive band Marillion (until 1998). One of the true legends of progressive rock.

10. Roger Waters (6’3)


Last by not least (by any means). No words needed. One of Pink Floyd. Legend.


  1. I realize that these are mostly older bands/guys but:

    Matt Heafy is 6’3” (Trivium)

    Benjamin Burnley is 6’4” (Breaking Benjamin)

    Tyler Connolly is 6’4” (Theory of a Deadman)


    • You may have missed the point that this is the list of vocalists I like personally. There are hundreds of tall metal singers and my aim was not to list them all. With all respect, one person likes one band, another one doesn’t necessarily!


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