Depression – Is Coping With It the Easy Way?

I am sure we have all been there. Whether feeling down or fighting clinical depression – we find our own little way of coping. But if it really is that serious, it surely can’t be that difficult to admit it. I thought.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

A few months ago the Cosmopolitan put this worrying problem of our modern age into the spotlight. This is the hot topic today. Yet again. After another celebrity chose to end his life. Another life lost to Depression.

This news hit me, as it did millions of people around the world. Why on earth, why… It can’t possibly be that difficult to ask for help.

And still it is. Sometime ago I was very close to seeing mydoctors and do it. Ask for help. Ask for medication. Fighting the prejudice that antidepressants are for obviously ill people, I chose what I thought to be the easy way: deal with it myself.

Is this the easy way though? If it can lead to ending your life…

I am lucky to have my outlets: music and writing. Not everyone has them. They may not be guaranteed to work next time, either. What we need is our friends, but letting them in is just so damn hard. Would we be brave enough to show them how vulnerable we really are? Probably not.

Why is it so difficult to ask for help? If you know the answer, reply to this post. I would be grateful. So would be those who care to read this.

And, until then, I dedicate this song to the latest victim of one of the big killers of this century. R.I.P., Robin Williams


  1. Anti depressants are not the answer: friendship, and outlets are the answers. For me it is writing, exercise and prayer/meditation.
    It is okay to be sad, it is part of life: extreme sadness-not wanting to live is a physical illness, not emotional . The stigma is that it is not an illness, just emotional weakness- and so people suppress it and don’t talk about it: but it is a physical illness of the brain.

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  2. For me, it’s pretty hard to go to my friends and family since I guess I’m sort of the one people go to for their own problems and help to cheer them up. I generally use comedy to deal with things. A sad moment for me starts with anger, then drinking, then inappropriate jokes. It’s really important to get help though, especially if you can’t turn to people around you. I’ve found that most psychiatrists only write scripts and most therapists aren’t helpful but if you find a good one who gets you, it’s a gift and they can sort of become a friend. That’s just my experience. Great post!

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    • Thanks for the thumb up. 🙂 I guess you friends and family come to you for comfort and it would feel strange to see you down? You sound like a lovely person. I wish I could deal with sadness like you, actually. I tend to shut myself out and can come across as rude or unfriendly, which can get me into trouble. 😉

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      • That’s understandable, but you seem like a lovely person as well so I’d think your friends probably can see past shutting yourself out. But it’s hard for everybody I think. For instance, my dad seems like he doesn’t get sad about ANYTHING because he’s a hard ass, but one time he caught me and my friends drinking and fashioning a device for illegal smoking and instead of addressing the issue, he yelled at me for overloading the washing machine haha. 😛

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      • I like our dad. 😉 What I’ve noticed, though, is that people who seem to never get sad do it all internally… so perhaps they feel it harder than those who show it on the outside. Not sure it makes sense though.


  3. Tough question, no easy answers. James is on the right track me thinks. Prayer, meditation, speaking up. Drugs can be a problem, but I can’t tell anyone what to do about that. Since I’m a student of spirituality, having dealt with all kinds of issues, I can say, it’s getting clear about who we are as loved children of Spirit/the Universe/God, whatever name you want to put on it. We’re designed to be healthy, happy, whole, we simply don’t know it.

    Then do whatever it takes to find answers.
    First is know there is an answer, solution, healing. Most people don’t know.
    Give up stressful lifestyles, unhealthy people and situations, turn off the negative media.
    Learn the power is within, and those thoughts are not as powerful as they feel.
    Takes work, dedication, vigilance, but it can be done.

    All the best to everyone, we all deserve it!

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    • Thank you, Sandra, for these comments and such healthy thoughts. You are really lucky for being able to think this way and not give in to negativeness. I wish I could be like this. 🙂 Take care, thanks for stopping by!


  4. I live in SF and RW recent death is just a huge loss for our city as well as the world of comedy/entertainment and theatre in general.Sadly all too common that the ones who make us laugh are often the saddest of all.

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  5. Firstly thanks for hooking up.
    As a long time sufferer of depression I can tell you that there is no easy answer.
    I have taken medication for twenty years now and believe me, have tried many times to stop.
    A Doctor ones old me that when your brain does not produce sufficient serotonin you are better off taking a modest boost rather than suffering the despair associated with this illness.
    In my case he was correct and most of the time I am quite well balanced.
    All the fresh air, bananas and green vegetables in the world will not shift this demon from my shoulders when he descends.

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    • Thanks for hooking up, too! I am glad you are saying this, as the reason I thought of medication is a friend who has the same experience as you. She says that medication just helps take the edge off and keep her balance. I guess it is all individual… Thanks for stopping by, anyway, hope you liked some stuff on my blog, as I did on yours!


  6. Thank You so much for your honest blog and how you write I love your site as I said before. I moved my site to and hope you and some friends will join me in this process. I am here to help others that suffer with mental illness, and be a small part of recovery. Thank You..(: Lori


  7. I know that for some it’s not possible to overcome depression unless they are medicated. Yes, we all have those moments in which ‘overwhelmed’ does not seem to begin to describe our lives but, in the end, move on and smile at whatever comes our way. However, to those who just LOVE being depressed due to the attention they get I say: Put the mirror down and enjoy, darn it!

    Loved your posting!

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  8. It is a hard thing to deal with. I think the reason why people don’t stop to ask for help is because of the stigma it has. There are a lot of people out there if you tell them it will push them away. I once went to a Pastor for help and she told me not to email her anymore which she was one of my closest friends. Now I am at a new church and have a really great Pastor who supports me and let’s me rant even if I have to email a trillion times that day and he never critics and never judges me. I trust him and his wife more than anyone else I know.If you can find a great support group please do. It will definitely help.


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