Where to Find Large Shoes in the UK

I have recently been (somehow, not too sure how) included in a long e-mail trail regarding finding large shoes in the UK. A handful of enthusiastic ladies have started a passionate campaign advocating for this niche on the market amongst British retailers. They are on Facebook as Big Feet UK.

image Big Feet UK on Facebook

What I suggested to help with was writing about this on my blog.

Here are the resources I am aware of that offer large women’s shoes in Great Britain, in-store and online. If any of my readers have other ideas, please do comment below. This will hopefully make life just a little bit easier for us, women with larger proportions than the average British female.

In no particular order of preference, here is where you can buy large shoes.

Barratts Big Shoe Boutique. This online shop is great for good value shoes, although with a limited range. They used to offer size 10 shoes, which doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment, but who knows, this may change in the future. They do stock size 9, even in some of their shops (particularly in London).

Evans is probably the shop with biggest variety of large size shoes, and they do cater for wider feet. Evans still have their chain of branches across the country, which is very useful, as their shoe sizes and fits do vary. If you are a size 10, you may sometimes find that a size 9 fits you better, so it is always best to try before you buy. If you plan to visit them especially for this purpose, do contact the shop prior to making your way, to avoid disappointment. Most shops no longer stock size 10, but you can find this size on their website.

As surprising as this may seem, at Debenhams you can find some shoes at size 10 and even 11. Their range is very scarce, but is definitely worth checking out. I was lucky enough to come across a pair of Hush Puppies size 10 sandals there last summer for about £25 – well worth it.

If stuck for ideas or strapped for cash, Ebay is always best. The downside is that it is never predictible in terms of offering, but sometimes this can work in your favour and help you find a great bargain.

An e-bay seller that you may want to save in your favourites is Wynsors. They occasionally sell large size Hush Puppies shoes or boots that cannot be found on their official website.

Tallgirls are another online shop. I have only purchased a pair of ankle boots from them and was impressed. Quick delivery, great quality and good value on the sales (otherwise not low end, definitely).

The other obvious places to look are Long Tall Sally and Brantano. Long Tall Sally’s shoes are usually a bit too small for their size (at least this is my experience of them), so you may want to order one size up.

Brantano’s choice of big shoes is not very ample, however is mostly good value. It is worth subscribing to their newsletter, as they often run special offers online (while shoes purchased in-store at the same time would be full price).

In terms of popular brands, Hush Puppies is definitely my choice of preference. You can sometimes find them on Amazon and Ebay. My latest discovery on Amazon is an American Seller, Shoe Metro, selling a nice variety of Hush Puppies shoes in larger  size – here is an example:


Last but not least are two websites I have no experience from:

Shoesissima. Amazing choice of stylish shoes, same as the variety of shoes sold on Cinderella Shoes. Both of them are rather expensive, but, after all, this is when we get to appreciate the magic of those seasonal sales!

Bells Shoes. They carry a large collection of larger-sized women’s shoes (up to UK Size 16, mainly crocs) – in a variety of brands and styles! They pride themselves in offering great prices on all of our footwear options.

P.S. After posting this article, one of my readers has added three shops to this list: the Chiltern Street three (Totally, Magnus and Crispins). Not being based in London, I didn’t know about them. If you live closer to London, this definitely seems like a great place to shop. Thanks to Hilary Logan for this information!


  1. In Bath there is After Eight Shoes (http://www.after8shoes.co.uk) , had good customer service from them after the shoes I’d ordered weren’t in stock (sniff!).
    I’ve also bought a super lovely pair of boots from http://www.katielongshoes.co.uk
    For those of you who are going to be walking up the aisle any time soon, I bought a pair of Paradox Pink shoes size 10. I see they’re currently available from http://www.bridalshoesuk.co.uk/ and they fitted me very well.

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  2. Love this blog and thanks for the plug of Big Feet UK! A great job! Not sure my credit card is going to love me with all these new tall shoes suggestions! The only other place I have found shoes is Dauchmann which is randomly on the high street, limited styles and you have to hunt for the boxes with XXL on them! But quite cheap 🙂

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