Diary of a Whining Forty-Something Learning to Cycle – Vol. 5

By now, my readers have surely forgotten about my ideas to learn to ride a bike. No? Well, I have. Busy sorting out all the crap in my life, this got to the very bottom of my list of priorities. The start of the rainy season didn’t help either, as I cowardly only agree to have lessons in the local park, to make sure I fall over on the soft grass. Which, sure enough, didn’t stop me from becoming black-purple all over from the waste down!

Yes, I had happily forgotten about all this palava. Until lunchtime today when I sat on the exercise bike at the gym. Now, that’s my ‘me’ time. No one wants a piece of me there. It’s just me and my headphones. And my thoughts get to run wild wherever they please. Which, today, was a dream I must have had last night – conveniently pushed towards the darkest back of my overloaded mind.

I was riding a bike. Ever so slowly and steadily – as I never will learn to in real life. As that’s one thing I did learn: the slower you go, the more difficult it is to keep balance. And still I did, very confidently. Nicely done.

That was all the dream was about. Must have been over within less than a second. But it decided to flash through my head today – to remind me of my crazy attempts to ride the bloody thing. As it stands now, I’ve happily given up on this enterprise. Or at least until next spring… summer… decade: whenever I pluck up courage to do it and man up.

Until then, wish me luck with my surgery next week. This is my perfect excuse to get away with being a coward.

I’ll let you know when I decide to sit of the bike again, as will need your encouragement. Amen.


  1. Hahahahah, I’m sorry. I just needed to laugh. You didn’t ride a bike yet? That’s awesome! You don’t see many unique people like that these days. I didn’t start riding my bike until I was 8 or 9, but by then everyone else knew how to ride a bike.

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  2. LOL, you are not alone! I also have bicycle riding issues! I learned when young, but did very little riding because I wasn’t allowed off our small street. When i was much older I gave it a go again, becoming familiar with that horrible feeling of being cleaved in two by the bicycle seat, and sustained a sprained wrist, raw knees, and skinned palms after taking flight over the handle bars. My last few attempts, which were on vacations while using the bicycle as actual transportation in traffic no less, were successful in that I escaped without injury.
    Perhaps there’s hope yet! I wish you the best of luck with any future bicycle endeavors and with your upcoming surgery. πŸ™‚

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  3. Surgery? What happened?

    Kudos for learning to ride a bike as an adult. It’s like learning a language …harder as an adult, vs. child.

    I’ve heard different techniques –going down a very gentle grassy slope and cycling with someone nearby, while they let go.

    One thing for certain, don’t overthink it.

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    • Well, I have honestly given up, at least for now. 😦 I have varicose veins which I went in for, and after those lessons they bruised so badly that I am worried sick… so will leave it for now. Thanks for stopping by and caring!


  4. I was in my early 20’s when I learned to ride a bike and pregnant to boot. I think being pregnant helped because I didn’t dare fall! I learned in a big flat playground lot where kids were playing baseball. (I guess I could have been hit by a stray ball too!) But I was riding shakily in about an hour. I originally tried learning to ride a bike on my honeymoon (I was 21) on a motorcycle in Bermuda. Forget that idea! So, after those 2 times, 3 counting the motorcycle, I never got on a bike again! Is anyone helping you, like holding on to the seat to help you with balance until you get the hang of it? Believe it or not, the balance thing helped me learn to fly a plane when I was in my 40’s. It’s never too late!

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    • Yes, my husband was helping me by holding the bike. Funny enough, I managed the balance from the first time but got scared when I picked up speed. Second time around was a disaster and I felt like I broke a vein, so have not tried it since. Not sure I ever will again. You were brave – being pregnant, wow! Thanks for stopping by, anyway.


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