How to (Not) Pull Off a Sickie

This week, right in the busiest time of the year in my job, I had a planned minor surgery. In-and-out kind of thing, if you trust the web. All done and dusted within an hour.

Very convenient timing, I thought. I will avoid a couple of days’ stress at work and will have the perfect opportunity to recharge my batteries. So, although I thought it to be too good to be true, I quickly made my plans.

My surgery was due first thing on a Thursday morning, which would be an early start to the weekend of my recovery. I will rest it on the first day, and on the Friday will do some slow walks to gradually go back into the normal world.

Oh, and isn’t this the perfect time to book that haircut I badly needed, as kids will be at school. So, here I was, in anticipation of my well-deserved ‘me’ time. Needless to say, my plans also included that good book I hardly have time for… and, of course, some time at my computer (perfect excuse to convert some new followers for my blog!).

So, all nicely planned. Not that I wasn’t worried about the surgery (I was, actually, but that good book took my mind off things while waiting to be called in), but since the birth of my children, all this is bound to be a piece of cake!

On the day all went to plan. Or so it seemed. In an out within an hour and a half: close enough to the predicted timescale. The procedure was a success, so, after a huge sigh of relief, I was ready to go home and enjoy my relaxing sick leave (i.e., two days of ‘me’ time).

Little did I know what was actually planned for me. As soon as I got off the hospital couch, I felt those oh so well familiar visual disturbances… Oh no. It was a migraine, steadily heading my way. Damn.

The rest is in that black hole where a big chunk of my life has been disappearing over the years. My migraine hibernation black hole. Time just stops there. Literally. Slept through until 4 pm, then had an early night, got up to send the kids to school, went back to bed for a nap again… Only to realise that it was 1 pm on that long-awaited Friday I had all those exciting plans for.

Pounding Headache photo migrain.png

So, turns out, I am not the best one to pull a sickie, am I. When I am off sick, I am sick. As simple as that.

Well, my optimistic plans obvously weren’t meant to be, but I did have my rest. I obviously needed it. I guess this is how my body tells me: ‘Enough is enough, it’s time to take a break from it all’.

All this sleep must have also helped me recover from the surgery, so maybe this time there was a meaning to that black hole…

And… as for that haircut and good book, I guess they’ll have to wait until I find some time.


  1. Gosh, your post made me envy you. I wish I could forget about the world when I’m sick as I’m one of those you could call crazy. I underwent this huge surgery on a Friday and by Tuesday I was working remotely while shaking the morphine out of my system. I don’t know why I do that to myself…

    Yes, it’s a bad thing you couldn’t do what you wanted, but it’s a great thing you got to rest …and had all those plans.

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    • Well, sick leave is given to you solely for one purpose: to rest and get well. πŸ™‚ It was just ironic that I had to get a migraine on top of the surgery, so couldn’t help being a bit self-sarcastic. Hope you are well now, anyway, and thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. That’s the unexpected curve ball life gives sometimes. Haha and this is why I make as little far ahead plans as possible. Gotta be ready to scrap an itinerary and make a whole new one sometimes. Still a good thing you got some rest out of it.

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  3. Migraines are terrible and you described them perfectly- I have family that suffer with them and time stops for them.
    Hope you get to read that book eventually- maybe a sickie may need to be taken without a scheduled operation.
    Thanks for the follow πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you: for reading my post, for following back and for your nice words. πŸ™‚ Yes, if there was one thing I could lose, it would be migraines, story of my life…


  4. You was a noptimist, Angie: even a procedure needs to be recuperated from – simply because it is, after all, something your body is neither used to nor enjoys. Much like its owner. πŸ™‚

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