Of Rainbows and Music

Some people are obsessed with the beauty of clouds. Others – with sunrise. Or sunset. My thing are rainbows. No matter how many photos of those I’ve taken, I keep taking more. And more. And more. There can never be too many rainbows! Sorry, that’s my thing.

As you can guess, they fascinate me as much as no other wonder of Mother Nature. I can hear a critic say: they are all the same. Yes, I know: a rainbow is a rainbow. And still, they are all unique in their awesomeness.

See it for yourself – are they the same?? Not to me. Singe, double, distinctive, blurred, blended in the clouds… What they all share is being perfect.

Why rainbows? Because they are beautiful… and maybe for one more reason. A band. The first one that shook my world, the beginning of all beginnings – to me. Can you guess their name?

Many years ago (I must have been about 20) I borrowed their tapes from a friend. They are the band for me ever since. Don’t get me wrong: there are many bands that I love, and they are all special. But this is where it all started. This is when rock music flew into my veins. So this is who I am. Forever.

Because my blood group is Rainbow.


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