DC Cooper – The Rock Star Who Knows How To Treat His Fans. New song Released!

This is the news we have been waiting for – for quite a few years now.

DC Cooper will be releasing his second solo album in spring 2015.


He has also decided to make a generous Christmas gift to his fans by sharing with us the demo version of one of his new songs:

“Fine Line Of Sacrifice”

The track is only available to the fans who have signed up for his updates through his website: www.dccooper.com. He knows how to treat his fans and make us feel special!

I wouldn’t want to speculate as to what the new album will be like. What I can tell from this demo track is that he remains true to himself. This is progressive metal at its best, with rich guitar riffs and fine melody, changing pace and rhythm making you want to hear more. His vocals are as strong as ever. As fine wine, his voice seems to be getting better, even more mature and confident with age.

On behalf of his fans, a warm thank you to DC! We wish him a very happy holiday season and cannot wait for the release of his solo project.

For those readers who are new to my blog, you can read more about this fantastic singer in the category dedicated to him, “DC Cooper Fan Zone“. He has agreed to give me an interview, which I am very excited about. More to come in good time.

In the meantime, head over to www.dccooper.com. This is where you can learn more about him and stream his first (perfect!) solo album from 1999. You can even maybe get yourself a T-shirt:


If you are as lucky as me, it may come with yet another sign of DC’s appreciation for his fans – a personalised photo:


He surely knows how to treat his fans. Which is probably why we all are true, die hard fans!


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