My Picks From This Winter’s UK Tall Fashion Sales

With this season’s sales, the temptation is greater than ever! There are nice surprises and some unexpected disappointments, so do read on.

The brand on my radar now is Their clothing range is good (admittedly, aimed at younger women than me!), but even better is their shoe range.


Boots and shoes on this website are fantastic. Unfortunately, they are beyond my budget, but if you don’t mind paying more, you will be pleased with their offering. Here is what I chose:


This is not a smart pair of boots, but what I wanted was something comfortable and nice looking for my leasure time. I have bought boots from this brand before, which is why I purchased again, this time with confidence. Once again, I am not disappointed. The boots are true to size, very comfortable and fully fleece lined. Perfect for this cold weather. The only downside is that the suede scratches far too easily, so be careful how you walk.


I have been on a lookout for a new pair of pyjamas for a while, but somehow I cannot justify spending £40 and more on such an item. After all, normal sizes can be such good value. Why do tall women need to pay so much for such a simple thing?? So, £28 on the sale is pretty much the most I would spend on sleepwear (although, to be honest, I still cringe thinking I could have bought a nice dress, or two, for this amount!).

Anyway, here is my pick:


The good news is the length:


Nice tall arms and legs. Size is true as well. What I didn’t like, though, is the obvious difference in materials. While the top is made of standard stretchy material suitable for all seasons, the bottom is made of very thin silky material which I, personally, would only wear in the summer (or if this spring turns out very warm). Whether this is an oversight on the designers’ part or intentional, it is not something I am happy with. I decided to keep the PJs because it fits well, but will have to wear with different top and bottom. D’oh.

Dorothy Perkins – Bad News About Their Tall Range

My regular fashion readers will have noticed that I am a DP fan, because what they provide is a balance of good fit, reasonable quality and good value. Here is what I picked.

Bad News – Dorothy Perkins Tall Trousers

I purchased two different pairs this time. It came to my major disappointment that they are far too short (only come down to about my ankle). They are definitely not supposed to be crop trousers, and given that in the summer I had to send another pair back for the same reason, I am sorry to say that I have to find another place to buy work trousers from! I tweeted them and was assured that my feedback will be passed on to their buyers. Still, somehow this doesn’t make me feel much better!

Good News – Coats and Jackets

The good news is that their coats and jackets range remains the same. I do admit that I have enough coats and jackets, but with the ever so attractive price reductions I didn’t resist the temptation. So here is my new leather look jacket which I only paid £24 for:


It comes with a word of warning. If you have curves, this jacket won’t look too flattering on you (noticed I’ve cropped the photo not to show my bum??), which is the bad news, but if you wear it unzipped, it looks pretty decent:


I have also ordered a classic coat, but this will take another few days to arrive, so I will update the post with a photo in due time. I hope I won’t be disappointed, but who knows…

All this does come to prove the point I made a few months ago that, unfortunately, shopping for tall range clothes online can be tricky. Very tricky!


  1. You know that these people don’t consider a wide range of people’s characteristics when it comes to design, I have been frustrated by this for a long time. The fashion industry tries to pigeon hole all us to believing we are all the same size. Why do you think they say we all need to diet, so they can save money and making one size. Either you are to tall or to big but never are you just rite

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    • Thank you. This is exactly right. This is why my focus in the tall fashion posts is to share my experience, maybe to help someone make their choice more easily. Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. Enjoyed reading your blog, came across it by chance looking through D.P’s tall range. Yes also think your boots look great! Am also a fan of Evans for shoes and would confirm that they do ship overseas (I live in Spain) the only thing is, if they don’t fit returns are at your own expense. Up to a couple of years ago we had D.P and Evans branches down here on the Costa del Sol but no more, however branches of both can be found in Gibraltar but like the UK, DP have stopped stocking their tall range but Evans do have a selection of shoes.
    Another online co. I have found stocking large size shoes at reasonable prices are:
    they also ship abroad, like Evans returns at your own expense, but I took a risk and sent for a couple of pairs in the sale, was really pleased and like the look of some summer shoes on the link I have attached above. Hope this will be of interest

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