UK Tall Fashion Disappointments

Over the past few months, I published a few tall fashion posts showing off the online purchases that made it into my wardrobe. Does this mean I’ve had no unsuccessful buys?

Unfortunately, no. So, today I decided to focus on those purchases that didn’t get my happy approval and had to go back for a refund. Hopefully, this will help some of you avoid a disappointment or two.

Since my post about the difficulties in finding your fit, my list of disappointments has slowly been growing longer, proving my point. Just how difficult can it be to buy clothes online??

Image googled – courtesy of

Long Tall Sally

Luckily, their returns are now free, so you can send whatever you don’t want back without too much damage.

Like these Long Tall Sally Lift and Shape Jeans. Truth be told, they do deliver on their promise, and are flattering to your stomach and bottom area. I was tempted to keep them, but decided to return them because the cut of the leg: rather tight around the knees, so not a very comfortable fit. The thighs and ankles feel fine, but I am restricted in my movements around the knees. What a shame.

Long Tall Sally lace up shoes

blue shoes

Now, how do I put this politely? Sorry, I can’t. These shoes are just too horrible! Looking good on the photo has nothing to do with what they actually look like. The leather seems like some cheap PVC, and keeping the shoes just because they are my size would be ridiculous. They are not too comfortable either, just really basic shoes, not worth even the sale price. Major disappointment.

Long Tall Sally brogue shoes


These, again, look nicer on photo than they really are. Not as bad as the ones above, so I wouldn’t mind wearing them. There is another problem, though: they are not true to size, so you need to buy one size larger. Size 11 had sold out already. Bummer.

PJ bottoms

Is it normal to try tighten up the waist band and get the fabric ripped off?? I don’t think so. This is what I have now:


Can I even return this?? Luckily, they sort of look OK on me, so I will keep them. Not so much because I like them, but because it is my fault for not being careful. Or is it?? I’d be inclined to say that this product is just not fit for purpose! Otherwise the fabric is nice, but why it tears so easily, I have no idea.

Dorothy Perkins

As mentioned in an older post, something seems to have happened to DP’s tall range trousers. I have ordered a few different pairs over the past few months, and they are consistently too short. Some of them are no longer on the website, so here are the ones that are still available to buy.

Tall navy and white striped peg trousers:

DP trousers

Tall port straight leg trousers:

DP trousers 2

Tall grey herrinbone trousers (no longer available, but at least I recollect what they looked like):

Dorothy Perkins 3

I don’t think that DP know what is happening, as their response to my tweet was surprisingly vague. Which means that, in the meantime, I need to find another place to buy trousers for work. Which I did, and they are definitely long enough:


This brand is my newest discovery, so I will definitely be buying from them in the future.

Asos longer length trousers:


The only reason I sent this pair back is that my legs are not as perfect as the model’s, so the fabric clinging onto them doesn’t make me look too sexy. In fact, totally the opposite, as it emphasises what I’d like to actually hide.

That’s it – for now. Let’s hope that next season there will be more successful purchases, and less unsuccessful ones!


  1. Excellent blog Angelina! But I am not surprised at all with the disappointments high street stores offer. Truly disappointing! Their fit and sourcing elements are just wrong! Hence, my brand offers a personal service. I hope tall women/ ladies will realise that high street tall fashion is just fast fashion that lacks fitting and quality.

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  2. I can relate. I’ve boughten some things that weren’t so good from Amazon. Tried sending one thing back. They claimed they never received it and I had lost the receipt from the post office so I was out $90. I don’t bother returning things now. I resell it or give it away.

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